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Does your Uncle Rich tell the best story about breaking his mom’s favorite vase as a child? Does your cousin Celia make you laugh out loud when she recalls the crazy adventures she had growing up? Does your Grandmother’s voice warm your heart when she tells you what a sweet little one you used to be?

Now you can listen to your relatives tell your favorite stories whenever you feel lonely or homesick. Saving Memories Forever is a new app for iPhones that enables you to record and share stories with your loved ones. The app is free, although there is a paid version
available for $3.99 per month if you want extra features or want to share more stories.

The iPhone app is called Saving Memories Forever and is available in the app store. Once you’ve installed it, you can either log in with your existing account or create a new one. Note that you will need to create an account even for the free version to make sure you can save your stories. When you record a story, the app will automatically upload it to the website.

One fun thing you can do with this app and website is create a virtual relative. If you have a loved one who has passed but you want to preserve all your favorite memories about them, have everyone record a story and upload them to the website so you can share these special memories together. My own mom died when I was young, so there are many memories I have about her that I want to share with my children. With Saving Memories Forever, I can record memories of my own mother, as well as have other relatives record their memories, and I can easily share these stories with my kids. It gives them a chance to get to know her even though she has passed on. If you have a relative you miss dearly, consider asking your siblings or cousins to participate in sharing stories about a specific relative. Chances are you’ll get to hear some fun stories you haven’t heard before but also get to enjoy your tried-and-true favorite adventures.  You don’t need to have face to face contact with your relatives to record their stories.  You can record them over the phone, using skype or even talking through FaceTime.

If you aren’t sure how to get started with this app, don’t worry! There are helpful hints on the iPhone app and the website has a complete PDF file you can download that walks you through getting started. The website is easy to use and navigate and is perfect even for friends or relatives who might not be used to using a computer. Since the website is fully integrated with the app, even relatives who might not have a smartphone can participate in sharing stories online.


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