Review / Giveaway: Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator ENDED

I have to say that I have never been a big skin product user. Since I’ve been pleased with all the products I’ve reviewed from Tropical Traditions / Household Traditions, I decided that I’d take a chance at the Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator. “Wow, Oh My,” were the only words coming from my mouth and I was talking to myself at the kitchen sink when I first tried it!  I could not believe how soft my hands felt as I washed the exfoliator off! I couldn’t get my socks off fast enough to try it on my feet! I am barefoot most of the time and that doesn’t help any with the softness of my feet!  I may have to hide this product, it is a 4 oz. container and may not last long after my family tries this!  I want everyone to experience it and then it is mine!

The Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator container says:

  • No alcohols
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No petroleum

Here are the ingredients:  Sea salt, organic macadamia nut oil, organic jojoba, organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin palm oil and organic essential oil of lavendar.

There’s nothing else to say here, but YOU NEED THIS!  Tropical Traditions is an excellent sponsor and has offered past giveaways on my site for Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, Powdered Dishwashing Detergent and Dish Liquid.  Now they are offering a giveaway for their Lavender Skin Exfoliator that truly ROCKS!  Be sure and bookmark this giveaway so you can easily get back to retweet for extra entries.

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37 thoughts on “Review / Giveaway: Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator ENDED”

  1. It’s so odd to see but I believe the Tiffany above is not me, but she took the words right out of my mouth, hair products, makeup, and girly stuff. Any new hair tools or advances in the beauty line would be awesome. Also, I just heard about this rose gum that is made in Japan that makes you smell like roses. I’d love to try that.

    1. Rose gum from Japan? Could you send me a link to the place where you saw it? That sounds neat, a lot better than the trick gum that turns your tongue black!
      Bobbie Anne

  2. I’m not entering because I’ve already won some from another blogger but I wanted to stop by and say…YES this stuff rocks! I absolutely love it 🙂

    1. Thank you Paula, I like it too! It is a little messy once you open the jar. I am keeping in by the tub in a ziploc bag. What do you do with yours, where do you keep it?
      Bobbie Anne

    1. Thank you, I haven\’t tried the pet coconut oil yet. Tropical Traditions is sponsoring another coconut oil giveaway on BlogWithMom starting Jan. 24 that will be part of a blog hop giveaway, check back in.
      Bobbie Anne

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  4. I would like you to giveaway a Pogo Stick, Organic Rolled Oats and Organic Raw Honey at TT, or an Aerobie toy.

  5. I love giveaways especially if it deals with raw and organic foods or beauty products! I also love to see new or unknown local products to support local companies!

  6. I luv giveaways of gourmet foods that I couldn’t really afford to try on my own…like salsas, marinades and sweets.
    Especially chocolates…yum!

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