“The Gift Of Time Cookbook” From MomsTakenCareOf.com

Have you ever wanted some help on meal ideas or just someone to get a list together for what you need at the store?  If so, Moms Taken Care Of is a GREAT place to look!

Moms Taken Care Of started back in September of 2010 as a website that gave parents great weekly menus, categorized grocery lists, weekly craft and activity ideas to do with your children, homemade gift ideas, and more. The idea of MTCO quickly caught on and in April 2011, they began using some of their ideas throughout the past several months to put together a cookbook!

Now they’ve got FREE weekly menus and categorized grocery lists that you can sign up to receive, plus a cookbook that includes an entire year’s worth of menus, categorized grocery lists, and a breakdown of craft and activity ideas to do with your children!

Their cookbook, “The Gift of Time” (which name couldn’t ring more true), was released at the beginning of November and its success has been overwhelming to the company. They receive praises continually from happy customers, such as this one from Audria M. – “Thank you so much! This has already made such a difference in my busy life! I took it with me to the grocery store, and away I went with my list!!! I am so grateful for your innovation, and implementation of this cookbook. You are a God-send!”

MTCO is ready to start having you all “taken care of”! Go check out their website at www.momstakencareof.com!

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