Power Of Weight Watchers: Week 23

Week 23 of My Weight Watchers Journey

For the last few weeks, I’ve struggled with the holiday “sweet” temptations.  Did you catch last week’s post:  “Retire Your Jogging Pants With Weight Watchers?”  I stopped my eating binge on December 26, 2011, which was exactly a week ago and lost 8.6 pounds in the last 7 days!  I even tracked my weight every day to show what could be done with Weight Watchers when you stick to your plan.  Keep in mind, that when you gain it quickly, like I did over the holidays, it comes off quicker!

Monday, Dec. 26, 2011 – starting counting Weight Watchers Points Plus Values again after the holidays – exercised 30 minutes

Tuesday – lost 3.6 pounds from Monday. – exercised 30 minutes

Wednesday – lost .8 pounds from Tuesday

Thursday – lost  .4 pounds from Wednesday

Friday – lost 1.4 pounds from Thursday

Saturday –  lost 1.8 pounds from Friday

Sunday  – gained .2 pounds from New Year’s Eve snacking

Monday – today – showed .8 pound weight loss from Sunday for a total of 8.6 pounds this past week – Yippeee!!!

I may not show a weight loss for next week since I dropped so much last week, but as long as I keep it off, I will be happy!

Join Weight Watchers Online and learn how this program works if you are trying to trim down.  Exercising is a plus, but you can still lose weight with Weight Watchers if you don’t have the time to exercise right now.  Just remember, the more you exercise, the more you can eat.

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    1. Yes and it is still coming off, just not as fast, BUT you didn\’t see how many pieces of fudge and sugar cookies I put in my mouth that week!!! LOL
      Bobbie Anne

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