Using The Weight Watchers Calculator Is Easy

I use this calculator on a daily basis to figure the Weight Watchers Points Plus Values on food from my pantry or at the grocery store.  All you need to know is the calories, fat and daily fiber values of the foods you’d like to calculate the points for.  Once I have figured the points for that food, I write the point value on the end of the box where I can see it quickly when going for a snack.  Since I am always trying new snacks / low calorie foods, I need this Weight Watcher’s calculator to keep my eating on track.  I like to eat for quantity, so when I find a real low point snack, I may eat it several times throughout the day instead of eating that one high point snack.

A few of my low point snack foods include:

  • 100 Calorie mini bag of popcorn
  • Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate – Peanut Butter Bars
  • Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies
  • Hard boiled eggs (whites only)
  • Nature’s Own Wheat English Muffins w/ strawberry fruit spread
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate
  • Cheddar flavored pretzels

You can also figure your Points Plus Food Values from your Weight Watcher’s Online account, but I like to have the calculator so that I don’t have to be in my Weight Watcher’s account every time I need to figure Points Plus Values for my snacks.  I also like to have the Weight Watcher’s Food and Restaurant Guides on hand so that I can make notes in my books and carry them with me as needed.  Sometimes I am still making my food choices while on the way to the restaurant and it helps for me to be able to “thumb” through the restaurant guide while in the car.

Weight Watcher’s Online

I like to use Weight Watcher’s Online to track my daily points and keep up with my weekly available flex points and love their recipe section.  I am able to type in my favorite recipes and Weight Watchers figures the Points Plus Values per serving.  Have you ever tried to figure this out yourself?  This takes forever trying to figure the points plus values of each ingredient and then averaging everything out.

In order to get access to these tools, you can:

Sign up for Weight Watchers Online and use the online tools


Sign up for Weight Watchers Online and also purchase the Weight Watchers Kit that comes with the Points Plus Weight Watchers Calculator


Sign up for Weight Watchers Online and purchase the Points Plus Weight Watchers Calculator separately

Whatever you choose, you’ll like the results you’ll get from the Weight Watcher’s program.  It is definitely the diet of my choice.  Read about  how it helped me lose my newly gained 2011 holiday pounds by clicking “mom blog.

*Weight Watchers works because it’s not a diet. You’ll learn how to eat right and live healthy. You can choose between two convenient options to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. At meetings, you’ll find out all the latest information on eating right and living healthy, plus you’ll get the guidance you need to succeed and stay on track. Weight Watchers Online is a customized online weight loss plan that you follow step-by step completely online – manage your results at your own pace, on your own time. Choose the option that’s right for you and start today!

“People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

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