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Unfortunately, the Walgreens contract with Express Scripts expired Jan. 1, 2012.  Since negotiations were unsuccessful, Walgreens is no longer included in the Express Scripts’ pharmacy network.  Nationwide Walgreens pharmacies, as well as New York City area Duane Reade Pharmacies were aftected by this decision.  Unfortunately pharmacy customers are now being forced to seek out other locations in which they can now use their in-network benefits / health plans.  Express Scripts prefers that customers use mail order pharmacies over local pharmacies.  I have tried this in the past and it doesn’t help when you forget to reorder your medications or are out of town and need a few pills to get your through until you make it back home.  No more mail order pharmacies for me!  Walgreens always comes through for me and they also offer 24 hour locations in my area.  There have been many times when I’ve needed to pick up medicine past the regular pharmacy hours, how about you?

In order to see if this will affect your insurance plans, check on the back of your prescription insurance card.  If it says Express Scripts, then make sure to speak to your Walgreens pharmacist about your plan.  If your card doesn’t say Express Scripts, then take a deep breath, fortunately you have not been affected by this major decision.

Walgreens pharmacy is trying to help its customers by offering a discount on their Prescription Savings Club.  In Jan. 2012, it will only cost $10 for family coverage and $5 to cover an individual.  Walgreens Prescription Savings Club usually costs $35 for a family and $20 per individual.  My family renews our Savings Club Card  every year since it offers a cheaper co-pay on a few of the prescriptions that we normally pick up.

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