100th Day Of School With Mr. Six

Today was my kindergartner’s 100th day of school.  He was supposed to go dressed up as a 100 yr. old man for the school parade that was to be held in the school hallways.  I really didn’t know what to use for this costume so I went online and found WholesaleCostumeClub.com.  I have used them in the past for Halloween costumes and I figured they could help me quickly find what I needed.  The customer service guy was great.  He browsed the kids costumes with me over the phone, pointing out my options for a kid “old man” costume.  I could either pick “Mr. Six” (bald guy who advertises for 6 Flags) or an old wizard from The Lord Of The Rings.

I chose Mr. Six and the costume was here in just a few days.  It came with a mask, huge plastic glasses, tuxedo shirt, tuxedo jacket and a black cummerbund!  We were able to use my son’s black jeans and black shoes and the outfit was complete!  My son was so proud of his costume today as he watched people point him out at the parade and brag on his costume.  The price of the costume was right on track and the price of that Huge smile underneath that mask was priceless.  I tried to get his costume before I left so he wouldn’t have to keep it at school, but I should have known better.  He wasn’t going to take that costume off any earlier than he had to!

Thanks to WholesaleCostumeClub.com, I was able to quickly find the perfect costume for my son and make his 100th day of school a special one – thanks Wholesale Costume Club!

-Bobbie Anne

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