BaByliss Pro Nano Won The Flat Iron Face Off


I have been straightening my hair with a flat iron for the last four years.  I paid over $100 for my current flat iron and was very proud to have it.  I really thought it was the top of the line and the best brand – ONLY brand to own until I used the BaByliss Pro. You can say that I am addicted to reviewing products so I contacted  They chose to send me the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron along with a useful FIE Iron Holder.  I have to say that I liked this iron before I even had the chance to turn it on.

  • It was a very pretty blue color compared to my black one.
  • It also had a temperature control on it, whereas my iron only had an on / off switch.
  • As for cord length, both cords were long enough for me to move around the bathroom while using the iron, but the BaByliss cord was 8 inches longer.
  • The BaByliss is lighter in weight, and has a larger area on the iron that heats your hair.
  • This extra inch of heating space is great because the it allows you to straighten more hair in a shorter period of time!

I have always been loyal to my original flat iron, but after the first day of reviewing the BaByliss Pro, my original flat iron found a new home in the hallway closet.

I was also sent a great FIE Iron Holder.  I have never had a holder before and always worried about my iron tipping over or falling off the counter and burning something.  The holder sticks to my bathroom counter with suction cups  and easily holds my iron when it is not in use.  I’d like to thank for opening my eyes to better products!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, before and after pictures!


If you’re looking for a great flat iron, I’d definitely look into the BaByliss Pro, I am sold on it!  Also, this site offers free shipping on orders over $50 for US and Canada.

If I don’t use the flat iron (first picture), I have to constantly look at my hair because it goes where it wants to go.  I have to say that I worked with my hair forever to get it to lay right for the “before picture.”  When I use a flat iron (second picture), my hair is bouncy and always looks nice.


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