Giveaway: 1,000 Business Cards ENDED

Have you ever browsed  Today I went through their site and found all sorts of online printing services that I could use for myself and my family.  You can design post cards on this site and get 50 of them for $13.00.  If you were having a huge family get together, these would be perfect!  I also found custom magnets.  I love magnets and have them ALL over my fridge.  My kids have a “recycling business   where the neighbors save their cans and the kids do a can pick up once a week.  In the past, we made magnets like these for all the neighbors that had our phone number, email address and recycling info on them and the neighbors were thrilled.  My boys would love the trading cards.  You can get 50 of them for $12.  Those would be great to hand out to your classmates at the end of school in order to swap phone numbers.  My son always wants to find his friends once Summer starts.  He goes to a large school and if he doesn’t remember to get phone numbers or email addresses, then he is out of luck!  Every year we come across this problem, what kid wouldn’t like a personalized trading card?

Day2DayPrinting services are offered in bulk, so you can’t just make one bookmark or hang tag, but get creative, I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of things you could do with these neat personalized items.  As far as business services you, there are all sorts of promotional items you could create. Have you ever used a business card printing service?  If you’d like, you can request a free printing sample kit by calling 1-877-436-6177. even has a blog.  Check it out at

This site offers online templates to help you in creating your custom orders.  In order to speed up the process of placing your order, offers file preparation an submission guidelines for you to review before  uploading your work.  Should you orders require diecut, folding, binding/stitching, special colors or finishing, this site will give you a custom quote for your customized design and printing requirements.  Another great aspect of is they stand behind their quality printing with a Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee on all their Quality Printing products.

Now that you’ve heard about their company, they want to extend an offer of 1,000 standard size, full color, business cards to 2 lucky U.S. winners, ages 18+.  Yes, 2 winners will each grab 1,000 free business cards.  You don’t have to own a business to use these cards.  I keep these cards with me just so I can enter the “fish bowl” drawings in the restaurants for free meals.  I also use my cards to give other parents so they can contact me if I leave my child at a birthday party, sleep over or class field trip.  Contact cards are also good to put in your child’s pocket when you go somewhere with a huge crowd, like an amusement park.  If your child were to get lost, they would be able to hand your contact card to someone in charge and they could quickly contact you by cell phone.  These would even work in Wal-mart, ever turned around and your child was missing?  It is a horrible feeling, but I’d feel better knowing I had instructed me child on what to do if he were to get lost and was carrying my contact card.  Now that we know each and everyone of us could use 1,000 business / contact cards it is time to enter the giveaway.

Make sure you bookmark this giveaway so you can come back and tweet out the giveaway for extra entries.  Good luck!

33 thoughts on “ Giveaway: 1,000 Business Cards ENDED”

    1. THAT is a great idea. I have cards for my blog with my phone number/email address that I use as contact cards anytime someone needs my #. (Kid playdate, drop in fishbowls at restaurants, whatever way I can think to pass on that info!)
      Bobbie Anne

    1. Yes, blog business cards are great to hand out in your area. I even slipped them in Christmas Cards once in order to share my site with family members.
      Bobbie Anne

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