EcoStoreUSA Offers Earth Safe Cleaners sent me a 17 fl. oz bottle of Citrus Based Spray Cleaner and a 32 fl. oz.  bottle of Plant Based, 3X ultra concentrate laundry liquid.  I have been using both of these products for the last two weeks and really like the spray cleaner.  This bottle sprays better than any spray cleaner that I’ve ever used.  The cleaner doesn’t leave streaks and is easily wiped off.  I have been using it to wipe off my granite counter tops and kitchen table.

The spray cleaner bottle says:  No toxic petrochemicals, No phosphates, No benzene, No bleach, No nitrates, No ammonia, No chlorine, No EDTA, No synthetic dyes or perfumes.  The ingredients include D-Limonene (zest of citrus peel), plant based non-ionic and anionic surfactants, fatty acid derivative, ethanol and was made in New Zealand.

The laundry liquid will get you through 30 standard loads and 50 HE loads.  The laundry liquid washes my clothes fine, and reduces your exposure to unhealthy chemicals.  This would be great for those who need sensitive laundry cleaners for those with easily irritated skin or eczema.  This laundry detergent contains palm and coconut based non-ionic and anionic surfactants, fatty acid derivative, mineral hydroxide,and certified organic eucalyptus oil.

These products also state that they are highly biodegradable and contain earth safe ingredients from sustainable resources.  It also says their pH balanced ecostore laundry liquid is grey water safe for food gardens, lawns and trees.

When I think of organic or natural products, I usually think that means more expensive products.  I checked the pricing on these products and the spray cleaner was $3.95 and the laundry detergent was $6.75.  The spray cleaner is right on track and I know that sensitive skin laundry detergents can get very pricey!  For what these products offer your home and your family for these prices, you should check them out.  They also offer products in the following categories:  Baby, Bath & Body, Haircare, Household and Pets.

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