Giveaway: $60 Enjoy Haircare Bundle ENDED

I have been using ENJOY Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo, ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner and ENJOY Shine & Smooth for the last two weeks and have been pleased with these products.  In order for me to continue to use hair products, they must smell good.  I seem to notice the product’s smell the most while using the product in the shower, but my husband can smell it every time he gets near me.  I have tried some shampoos that he’s asked me not to use any longer because he can’t stand the smell at night when we go to bed.  Enjoy Products passed the husband smell test, and also the manageability / hydration test. My hair tends to frizz if I use the wrong products and then is very hard to manage.  My hair  has looked and felt great since starting the Enjoy regimen.

The ENJOY Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo contains a color holding formula to lock in my hair color and moisture at the same time.  This product can also be used as a moisturizing skin wash! It doesn’t leave product build up and is perfect for dry, coarse, curly or chemically treated hair.  The 10 oz size retails for $19.74(USD).

The ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner also protects my hair color and is a great detangler.  It is great for hydrating coarse, curly or overly dry hair.  The 10 oz size retails for $20.84 (USD).

The ENJOY Shine & Smooth is great for controlling frizz and adds shine and smoothness to your hairstyle.  The 4 oz size retails for $19.74 (USD).

The Enjoy packaging/containers are appealing and durable.  My 5 year old likes to hang out in my shower floor and play with his cars and Monster Trucks during his shower time.  With this being said, durability goes a long ways.  I have many shampoos / conditioners that have broken lids that didn’t quite withstand the Monster Truck attacks, but the Enjoy containers look just as good as the day they arrived in the box.

ENJOY Professional Hair Care proudly offers a full range of sulfate-free and pH balanced and stable hair care and styling products.  They chose to eliminate sulfates in their products because sulfates can dry out skin and hair and even cause irritation.  They carefully maintain the pH levels in their products in order to offer high quality hair products that protect your hair color and keep it hydrated at the same time.

These products are available exclusively in finer salons and spas.  ENJOY is a registered trademark of Ultimate Salon Professionals, Inc (USP, Inc) of Oceanside, California.

Now that you’ve heard about my experience with ENJOY, try your hand at winning yourself the same ENJOY bundle that I received.  While you are waiting for the winner results to be posted, you can find more information on ENJOY by visiting


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118 thoughts on “Giveaway: $60 Enjoy Haircare Bundle ENDED”

  1. Close my eyes and hope for the best 😉 but really i try different products and go with what works best. I like to switch it up.

    1. Wow, I am impressed! I look at price and will buy again if I like it, but I don\’t think I\’ve ever check expiration dates or ingredients.
      Bobbie Anne

  2. I usually buy what I have coupons for when they are on sale. But I do take my stylist’s advice for some products.

  3. I usually buy organic/natural shampoos and conditioners when they are on sale. I check ingredients and try to buy those products that don’t contain all the harsh chemicals. I check online reviews to see what works best for people.

  4. I take direction from my hair dresser. I have well water and it needs special attention or it becomes extremely dry and damaged.

  5. I usually just buy the cheapest because with 3 girls in the house with all long hair it makes it hard to buy anything good

  6. I use volumizing shampoos and conditioners since I have straight, fine hair. 🙂

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. unfortunately right now hubby is laid off so I have to choose my hair care by what is the least inexpensive but fairly good. thanks so much

  8. By sales although I live with my daughter and she will only use the best. Mine however, is purchased with coupons alot

  9. I buy my hair products by what is cheapest, I have pretty healthy hair and it doesn’t need much, but when I get samples and stuff on sale I like to treat it well!

  10. With a family of 5 I have to go with whatever is cheapest or on sale after that I choose the best sent and I just hope it works alright 🙂

  11. I usually buy what’s on sale & pair that with what I have coupons for. I’ll stock up if it’s a really good deal and it’s a product that I will use. I love trying new products, so I don’t really stick with just one particular brand of hair care. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. I love those sales and I usually buy WAY too much cereal when it is on sale and then have trouble storing it until we get it eaten back down again!
      Bobbie Anne

  12. I like hair products that are sulfate and silicone free and that aren’t filled with things that could further damage my hair! I do word of mouth and review based testing on stuff sometimes after researching the products a bit! This stuff sounds great!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey


  13. I tend to get whatever is on sale. Once in a while I find a good deal at the health food store and make it last as long as I can.

  14. I usually buy from a selected group of products I already like depending on what’s the least expensive. Sometimes a new product will catch my eye on sale and if I have a coupon i’ll give it a try.

  15. Hello, I’ve been pretty loyal to the John Freida brand, but recently bought some L’Oreal colorvive, I think I will go back to John Freida. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  16. whatever will work for my dry, frizzy hair. I wish I could choose what is on sale but my hair just want cooperate with some brands.

  17. I typically buy what is on sale, or I have a coupon for. I’m finding that isn’t always the best way, as some of the products haven’t been great quality. I’d love to try Enjoy.

    1. Good luck Jan, when I get a hold of those \”bad quality sale shampoos,\” I give them to my 5 year old to use as body wash in the shower since he uses WAY too much and has lots of fun in the bubbles.
      Bobbie Anne

  18. Since becoming a stay at home mom I tend to just buy what I can get the cheapest. I do have a cut off, though. I don’t buy the cheapest of the cheap quality-wise. I am able to get name brand products for cheap or free usually. Like today I got the got2b products for just the tax at Walgreens. When I worked I used to buy salon products, but not anymore.

    1. Walgreens is great for that type of shopping. I used to go every week to get the free things and had tons of shampoo, shaving gel, and shower gels that I am still using.

  19. i purchase my products by trial and error. if i find something that works really well im quite loyal to that product, sometimes i like to be adventerous and try something new.

  20. I previously went with the advice of a friend

    However, now that my product has reached 40 bucks for shampoo and conditioner i have been forced to choose something cheaper based on price alone

  21. trial and error… I use the product that I know would work for me.

    (sample products are best in finding out if it works or not)

    Thank you for the giveaways!


  22. I usually select what brand I buy on sales/deals, etc. The type of shampoo I select based on who it’s for. I buy shampoo for me that is for dry hair. I buy 2 in 1 shampoos for my hubby. I buy tear free shampoos for my kids.

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