Guest Post: Pregnant and Lacking Your Glow?

This guest post was written by Bernice Spradlin.  She is an avid hiker and runner. She works at a gym in Brooklyn, New York, where she gets great inspiration for her freelance health-related articles and blogs. In her off time, you can often find Bernice jogging the East River path along the waterfront and enjoying the cool breeze. Bernice is currently looking for freelance writing work, and can be contacted at

How Moms-to-Be Get that Gorgeous Pregnant Glow

We deliver the health secrets of radiant pregnant women everywhere!

For many women pregnancy isn’t all the bliss it’s cracked up to be and if you have swollen ankles, painful spider veins, or worse, pregnancy mask, you might think that there’s some deep dark secret that the rest of the women in the world have been hiding from you.  While some moms-to-be appear effortlessly glowing—we’re women and we know better. Even though the happiness you experience when expecting your impending bundle of joy does explain these positive changes in the skin:

  • Increased blood flow through the entire body
  • Positive, strong emotions linked to pregnancy can leave a healthy flush on the cheeks
  • And, the body naturally produces extra oils that can appear as glowing skin

However, just because you’re expecting; doesn’t mean you’re irrational. You’re aware that as happy as you are over your growing baby, all women don’t look that way! Many get help from supplemental and prescription medicine sources (some purchased online via a Canadian pharmacy).

Sure, pregnancy brings positive changes, but it can also result in some pretty nasty changes in our bodies as well—like weight gain, morning sickness, indigestion and gas, undeniable cravings for salty and sweet, sudden changes in mood, and we can’t forget the following unappealing changes to the skin:

  1. Pregnancy acne – We don’t have to tell you that when you’re preggers, your hormones are working harder than ever. This hormone overdrive can cause the glands to produce excess oil. This leaves some women with positively glowing skin; while others end up with nasty skin breakouts.
  2. Skin rash – Your body can act like a furnace during pregnancy in order to keep your developing baby happy and warm. However, with excess heat, comes excess sweating, which can cause the skin to rub up against clothing and cause chaffing. Because of additional weight gain, many pregnant women develop heat rash under their breasts, belly and on their inner thighs.
  3. Painful spider veins – These swollen red or purple veins are caused by a surplus of blood pumping through your body to protect your baby. This excess stress on the capillaries can cause unsightly swelling of veins during and after pregnancy. If you develop swollen veins during pregnancy and they persist after your delivery, consult with a doctor for recommended spider vein treatments.
  4. Pregnancy mask – These unsightly skin patches (dubbed pregnancy mask) are caused due to excess melanin production. Pregnancy mask typically shows itself in discolorations on your forehead, cheeks and chin during the third trimester of pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and experiencing any of the skin conditions above; please consult with your doctor or dermatologist right away. For instance, you can’t prevent a serious skin condition like pregnancy mask. However, your doctor or dermatologist can recommend a skin treatment plan that includes reducing sun exposure to reduce your melanin production. In addition, they might be able to recommend a FDA-approved skin treatment that won’t harm your baby, but may help minimize the discolorations on your face.

So now that we’ve got the less-than-appealing skin conditions out of the way, what are the beautiful belles with buns in the oven doing to keep their skin so effortless lovely? Quick answer: they’re taking care of their health, which in turn emits itself in a gorgeous pregnant glow!

So cut to the chase: how can you get glowing pregnant skin?

1. Develop a healthy skin care regimen

It always helps if you’ve followed a good skin care routine before you’re pregnancy. However, your pregnant skin will greatly improve if you follow these steps each morning and night:

  • Cleanse your face with a gentle, hydrating soap or cream cleanser and rinse thoroughly
  • Balance the skin’s PH level by applying a natural toner—you can use store bought, but if you skin irritates easily mist lavender water over your face and neck
  • Finish by applying a moisturizer for your skin type—if your skin is dry use a rich moisturizing cream, but if you tend to have oily skin use a light coverage moisturizer

2. Never provoke your blemishes

I know you want to squeeze those nasty whiteheads, but pinching and scratching pimples can spread infection and result in permanent facial scarring.

3. Get your vitamins

If you’re pregnant, your doctor probably already prescribed a prenatal multivitamin as part of your supplement regime. You can also order a prenatal multivitamin online through a Canadian Drug store and have them conveniently shipped to your address. Pregnancy is stressful on the mind and body, so a multivitamin high in calcium, iron, folic acid and magnesium is vital for keeping mom’s body and skin, as well as baby happy and healthy.

4. Hydrate your body

Keeping the body adequately hydrated with 8 glasses of water each day. Good hydration will keep mom functioning at her optimal level—and keep her skin healthy and glowing too by flushing away salt retention and doing away with swelling in the feet, hands and legs.

5. Eat a health, balanced diet

Choosing a healthy and balanced diet, high in fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, lean protein, calcium-rich dairy products, healthy fats and whole grains is not only vital for mom’s health and reflected on her skin. The adage “you are what you eat” is especially true for baby too. The foods that pregnant moms eat will nourish your baby, so try to select fresh food sources over fast, fried foods when possible.


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