Have You Seen The Low Prices At Zenni Optical?

I wear contacts regularly, but I only wear my glasses right before bedtime, when I wake up, or if I have a bad headache or need to give my eyes a break.  Since my vision isn’t changing, I buy one pair of glasses every three years or so since it costs too much to get a new pair every  year.  I bought my last pair of glasses in 2011 and they were over $400 by the time my order was complete!

After wearing my glasses so long, they do tend to loosen up and I can get them “tuned up” a bit, but I like to have multiple pairs in case I am out and have a problem with my contacts.  My vision is so bad, that if I had contact problems, I wouldn’t be able to drive myself home without my glasses.  I just ordered another year’s worth of contacts and have my eye prescription so I could easily buy a pair of glasses if I wanted to, but my glasses are fine, so I”ll wait.  With this said, I ran across this CRAZY prescription glasses promotion at Zenni Optical!  If you wear glasses, you owe it to yourself to have a look.  I don’t know how they can do this, but they are running a special where you buy two pairs of glasses and get the third pair free.  This would be perfect for me since my son wears glasses too, or I could get together with a friend or two and we could all cash in on this deal.

It’s not just the 2 for 1 deal that is awesome, have you checked out their prices?  After browsing their site, I really don’t want to purchase my eyeglasses from my eye dr. anymore when I can find affordable eyeglasses  online. It is amazing that Zenni Optical can offer $6.95 prescription eyeglasses.  I really need to be buying my eyeglasses online!

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