I Shopped BeeSavy.com Today, Have You?

I just made my first purchase from BeeSavy.com.I was looking for a Jockey product and BeeSavy showed me that I could save more by shopping through Macy’s than by going directly to Jockey.  It even gave me a coupon code to use at checkout for an extra 10% off.  I could read reviews on the products I selected and could also choose to save them in a wishlist for later.  I was given cash back, which made it cheaper for me to buy online than in the store.  The cash back sits in your BeeSavy account and can be retrieved after your account reaches $10 in credit.

BeeSavy also gives you a referral link once you sign up that you can pass on to your family & friends.  Each time one of your referrals makes a purchase, you will earn credits to your account.  This will help you cash out quicker so be sure to pass out your referral link as soon as possible so you can get more people to sign up under you.

I have placed a BeeSavy store ad on my right hand sidebar which you can use to enter the store at any time.  Sign up and start watching for sales.  It said that 3 days sales happen all the time.  The item I was searching for was on sale, so I was in luck today.  I’ll let you know more about this online shopping experience once I receive my package.  It was like shopping on Amazon, but better since Amazon doesn’t offer referral links or cash back plans to its users.

Check out BeeSavy and tell me what you think of their program.  Did you find some great deals?

2 thoughts on “I Shopped BeeSavy.com Today, Have You?”

  1. BeeSavy eh? I will look into this. I always appreciate great insights on finding deals online. Similar to the deals you post on your site, my site; http://www.youandyourdealsiloveit.com focuses on helping people save money on items they are going to purchase online and even on items they plan on purchasing in the store, via discounted gift cards. You mentioned that BeeSavy is like Amazon, except Amazon doesn’t provide referral links. I wanted to let you know that amazon does have an affiliate program and they are really great about making an affiliate link to any page on their site. This is a direct link to Amazon . You can quickly and easily sign up to be an affiliate for Amazon, and then your readers and followers can take advantage of the handpicked items that you think they would be interested in.

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