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For most of us, learning to ride a bicycle was a major milestone in our lives.  That’s because for many, learning to ride a bike is no simple task.  The act of balancing, steering and pedaling simultaneously takes fine motor skills, courage and serious concentration.  Sometimes that’s enough to make a child want to give up.  Fortunately, there is another way to teach kids to ride a bike that removes much of the stress and anxiety kids feel when learning to ride.  In fact, it’s a method that enables most kids to start learning to ride a bike very early, sometimes as young as 18 months.  It’s a technique that originated in Europe and is becoming popular here in the United States too.  Parents are using a pedal-less bike called a balance bike that puts the emphasis on balance first.  Kids learn on these bikes without the use of any training wheels.

Balance bikes are lightweight with a seat height that’s usually between 12” and 14” at it’s lowest.  That’s low enough for kids as young as two to straddle comfortably with their feet on the ground.  These toddler bikes can weigh as little as seven pounds, making them less than half the weight of a standard pedal bike.  This makes them easy to maneuver.

Kids propel the bikes with their feet just like they do on a scooter.  It usually takes just a few rides before they master balancing the bikes.  Most kids will do this naturally without the need for parents to hold on to the bike or balance them.   It’s an amazing experience to see your child master the skill of balance in just a few afternoons and all on their own.

If you’re having trouble teaching your son or daughter to ride a bike, consider a balance bike.  There are a number of different models, even some made of wood.  These balance bike reviews from Balance Bikes 4 Kids can help you choose the right style and size bike for your child.

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  2. Balance bikes are great for teaching kids how to learn to ride very quickly. I especially love the balance bikes at balancebikes.com. They are unique because they come with brakes, kickstand, and foot rest. All of these things help make the transition to a standard bike so much easier. I love this video of kids using the foot rest with one foot and pedal with the other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9hgrHaCFv4

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