Morotobi’s Adventure: Sweet, Silly Storytime on iOS

Do you currently use iTunes to find games or ebooks for your children?  The developer of Morotobi’s Adventure is on the mom blog today to tell us more about this kid friendly game.

iTunes has plenty of variety when it comes to games for little ones as well as grown-ups but sometimes it’s nice to share an old-fashioned storybook together instead of trying to rack up points, right? Well, Morotobi’s Adventure has everything an old-fashioned children’s story book has, and much more.

The child-friendly tale is told in a series of still frames and full-frame animations, delightfully narrated—but like a storybook.   The words are printed on each “page” so you can read along with your child and there aren’t just cute animations to keep your tyke’s interest—they’re also interactive.

Morotobi’s Adventure has a set up that is simple enough for little hands to manage, with an icon based homescreen.  Turning to the next page is as easy as tapping the target, but you won’t want to rush through the story, because each frame hides its own special surprises.

What makes Morotobi’s Adventure such a great activity for children is its high quality. The illustrations were clearly done with professional art direction in mind, and the bright palette and whimsical shapes are bound to mesmerize all ages. Morotobi’s Adventure uses every technological trick at its disposal to engage the reading in the endearing story of a rascally little boy who finds himself in a sticky situation. In addition to a compelling story and fun pictures, you can tap, slide, and shake your way around each page to get reactions from characters, cause changes in the environment, and get a better look at what’s going on. Children will feel like they’re part of the story, and you will too. Morotobi’s Adventure is a fantastic way to introduce your kids to how fun reading can be!

True creativity and brilliant character design complement graphics that shine on the Retina display, and the enthusiastic narration and sound effects further enhance the experience of Morotobi’s Adventure. This is a nicely constructed app, with a well-designed interface, and it’s a great addition to your library of kid-friendly apps.

Best of all, this fun and friendly story is absolutely free, so check it out in the iTunes App Store today! It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad—but if you have an iPad, there’s also a special HD version (also free) that’s optimized for your device.

iTunes Link (FREE):

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Have fun!

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