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Have you heard about  It is a social marketplace where you can easily buy and sell online.  If you are interested in creating a listing, there is a page that guides you through the process.  This site even allows you to print your shipping label.  Unfortunately, my children have toys that only get touched a few times and then collect dust in the corner of their rooms.  Since more toys keep coming in for birthdays and holidays, I have to keep cleaning out their unwanted toys to make room for new ones.  I am usually successful in selling their toys online, but have never tried Zuujit.   I am going to sign up today, so thought I’d take you through that process with me.

First I clicked the green sign up button, which directed me to another page.  Then you can either sign up using Facebook or sign up manually.  I chose to sign up using my Facebook account and clicked the blue Facebook sign in button.  I also checked out the manual sign up.  It asked for a user name, email address, zip code and a password.  Entering your zip code helps Zuujit generate custom shipping quotes for you.    Next you are sent to a screen that asks you to verify your account, create and manage your items and tell your friends.  I was particularly interested in “telling my friends” since every time you invite a friend who joins and verifies their account, you earn one dollar.  Think about it, how many Facebook Friends do you have?  If you had a portion of them sign up and verify their account, you could shop for free or receive a good sized credit in your Zuujit account.  Here’s the catch, there isn’t a basic referal link that you can post on your wall, so you’ll have to enter your friends email address on this page and Zuujit will send the invite for you.  This is good because now you won’t have to spend time “selling” to your friends, Zuujit will introduce themselves to your friends through their email  invite.

After reading about the friend referral and dreaming about how I could make this work for me, I noticed that the page was telling me to check my email for further directions.  Be patient, it took a little while for me to receive Zuujit’s email.  In the meanwhile, I decided to verify my account info.  In order to verify my account, I had to enter my billing and shipping information.  There was a place to complete a personal profile and also set up my Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to use them in promoting my toy listings.

There is a green button at the top that says “add item.”  That’s right, this is where you go to create your listing.  The form was very easily understood and you were given the option to use your Facebook and/or your Twitter accounts to promote your listing.  Now that I have looked through this part of the site, it is time to shop!  Hit the “All Zuujit” tab at the upper left side of the page and you can see listings, prices and locations of several items.  Just scanning through the listings, I saw a Canon ZR65 Digital Video Camcorder, a 1902 Indian Head Penny, G.I. Joe action figures, a couch, clothing, purses and even an autographed life size Fabio Cutout!  You can run through the pages or search according to category or by using their search bar.  All in all, this site looks fun, so check it out and remember to INVITE your FRIENDS!

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