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Enjoy this guest post sent in by Maria Barker, I did!

For years people have wondered whether star signs affect them, and how this affect can alter their outlook on life and their actions. There are plenty of people who read their horoscopes every single day and believe that they will be guided correctly by these little snippets.  But what if star signs influence our babies as well? Is it possible that we could find out that our horoscopes influence when our baby is born, or how our child behaves?

Conception Through The Stars

I know that some of my friends have determined when they are going to conceive by their horoscopes. They read their daily horoscope and thought that ‘today is going to be the day.’  So when Venus was in Aquarius they believed that they had to get their partner onside and ready to try anything possible to get pregnant! While it might have been the case that they did fall pregnant when their horoscopes predicted it, and I know at least one friend who believes this happened, is there anything in it? Plenty of astrologers will tell you that
the planets mixing with your star sign will affect things in your life, including fertility. Personally I’m not so sure, perhaps it was because my friends were just ‘in the mood’ to fall pregnant, but if a horoscope can help get you in the right frame of mind there’s no harm in that.

After The Birth

How about once we have given birth, can the star sign of our baby affect how they act? Certainly if you spoke to anyone with an interest in astrology they would say it definitely does. I have looked at my friends babies and wondered whether the fact that they are an Aries has caused them to always try new things and not be too worried, or whether it’s just because they are like their mum and too inquisitive about different things! If you believe in star signs then you can definitely understand why people think that the star sign is a cause in these
actions, but isn’t it quite rare to find a baby that isn’t inquisitive? I know my best friend’s baby is a Pisces, and whilst they aren’t supposed to be the most sociable animal, he is always coming to find out what is going on!

Ultimately it is down to you to decide whether your baby is actually affected by their star sign. I’m torn between my decisions really, sometimes I think that babies show exactly what their star sign expects, whilst at others I think that I’m simply expecting them to show it! So whatever actions they do, I’ll find a way of making it fit their star sign. It’s such a hard decision to make, and one that I don’t think I will ever fully understand! What I do know is that whatever choice is made, I’ll be proud of their actions, even if it does mean having to clear up the mess they’ve made!

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  1. Hi sorry for the multiple posts, I can’t seem to find whether or not my first post went through.

    I was just commenting about the fact that while babies may display traits of their Zodiac sign, I think it’s really their life experiences growing up, shaped by their Zodiac sign, that really brings out the traits in them as they grow older. For example, I display more traits of a Leo after a hard breakup a few years ago; before I was more shy and passive about things in life.

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