Straight North Sponsors $50 Gift Card Giveaway ENDED

Straight North, a Chicago based internet marketing and web design company, is sponsoring a $50 gift card giveaway on the mom blog.  If you are currently in the market for web services make sure and check them out.  This Chicago Marketing group offers everything from SEO to graphic design.

Straight North is looking for a good, old-fashioned giveaway where you write blog comments in return for entries.  Since Rafflecopter is perfect for randomly drawing the winner, I ask that you go through the Rafflecopter form in order to enter this giveaway.  This giveaway will be fast, only lasting 7 days so get in there, leave your blog comments and don’t forget to come back daily to retweet the giveaway in return for extra entries!

Good luck!

Bobbie Anne


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303 thoughts on “Straight North Sponsors $50 Gift Card Giveaway ENDED”

    1. I love shopping on Amazon, especially for holiday gifts. It really cuts down on my running around hunting down specific items. I would love it if you would visit Amazon through my sidebar link on the right. For each purchase that comes from my blog, Amazon gives me 4%. I like to use this extra money to put back into advertising for my blog;)
      Bobbie Anne

  1. I enter probably 80-150 giveaways a week, depending on how much free time I have and what’s being offered.

    1. Christina,
      I would really appreciate it if you could enter Amazon through my Amazon search bar on the right side of my blog. Amazon pays me 4% towards any purchases that originate from my site. If I could draw in more money, I could afford to advertise and bring in more giveaways on BlogWithMom.
      Thank you,
      Bobbie Anne

    1. Have you tried the new Bee Savvy? You can shop through my right hand sidebar. I haven\’t shopped there yet, but it looks similar to Amazon.
      Bobbie Anne

  2. I do a LOT of browsing – blogs, stores, games ….whatever happens to catch my interest on that specific day!

  3. OMG! I enter a LOT of giveaways (I would HATE to guess just how many) – but I only enter for things I need or could use (since I am currently unemployed and on a VERY limited budget)!

    1. I would love it if you could enter Amazon from my site. Amazon gives me 4% of any online purchases and I can use that money to advertise my blog and bring in more giveaways.
      Bobbie Anne

  4. I am a serious sweeper and enter between 300-400 a week with some other weekly and monthly ones in between

    1. Tanya, I would LOVE it if you could enter Amazon through my site on the right hand sidebar through the Amazon search bar. Amazon gives me 4% of all sales that come in from my site. I would love to use the extra money to purchase more blog advertising so I can bring in larger giveaways! Have you checked out Bee Savvy yet? It is similar to Amazon but offers referral bonuses and cash back!
      Thank you!
      Bobbie Anne

    1. Rebecca,
      I would LOVE it if you could enter Amazon through my right hand sidebar on the Amazon search bar. Amazon gives me 4% of all sales initiated from my site. I use the extra money for additional blog advertising so I can bring in larger giveaways!
      Thank you,
      Bobbie Anne

      1. I enjoy the support of Sweetie’s Secret Site, but there are sites that have more sweeps so I surf around on days when I have the time.

  5. I would have to say blogs. I love to read about other families out there like mine. I also love Amazon. thank you!

    1. Crystal,
      I would love it if you would enter Amazon through my site. Amazon pays me 4% of all sales generated from my site. I use this extra money to advertise my blog and bring in larger giveaways.
      Thank you, Bobbie Anne

  6. I have no idea how many giveaways I enter…it really depends on the week. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to sit in front of a computer for hours and sometimes I can sit here all day and enter giveaways! I guess I enter about 20 a week, probably more, but I have no idea. I should really start keeping up with it though because I get confused as to which ones I’ve already entered and then I have to go through a million comments to see if I had already entered.

  7. I spend alot of time on Facebook, Amazon, news sites and browsing giveaways!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  8. It depends! Maybe sometimes 50 a week!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  9. I love to spend time on blogs that have kids activities and love giveaway blogs, and since being diagnosed with celiac disease I spend alot of time on Gluten Free blogs.

  10. I spend time looking for coupons, deals and some giveaways. I also look for new recipes and diy projects.

  11. I have no idea how many giveaways I enter a week. It has to be at least a hundred. If not more. I might have a problem lol.

    1. Problem….NO, Giveaways are fun! – maybe you have an addiction, just like I do with my blog! I don\’t know how many hours of the day I am attached to my computer by my fingertips!
      Bobbie Anne

  12. I spend most of my time on blogs and I enter way to many giveaways a week that my husband thinks I have a problem

  13. I spend a lot of time on Facebook, looking at crafty sites, searching for coupons and giveaways!
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you Lesley! Be sure you keep checking in on my \”featured giveaways\” on the upper right hand side of the blog. The Soda Stream giveaway is coming soon!
      Bobbie Anne

  14. Usually I spend my time online with Facebook, Blogger (blogging on Deal Dishin’ Momma) and trying to find coupons/deals or other interesting things to write about. On occasion I will do shopping or research on products that I want to purchase.

    On average, I was doing about 100-200 giveaways a week (back when my infant was sleeping most of the day lol). Now that she is up more than she is sleeping, I usually average about 50 giveaways a week.

  15. Probably 500 a week. Most are blogs. Probably 150 are non-blogs. Most of my wins are from blogs. Largest thing I’ve won is a trip to see KISS in concert, meet and greet and a stay at a very nice place in Phoenix. 5000 arv.

  16. I spend the most time on blogs (mainly cooking, financial, and “mommy”), Amazon and my email. 🙂

  17. I used to enter 30+ giveaways a week, but now I’m much busier, so it’s probably more like 15 a week. But I sure enjoy participating when I can. 🙂

  18. I view many different sites: sweepstakes, news, work-related.

    I probably enter a hundred or so sweepstakes a week.

  19. I enter around 20 giveaways each week. I haven’t won anything in months though…hoping I win this week. 🙂

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