Take The KIND Challenge: Help Out A Parent

It’s that time again – time to take part in the KIND Challenge.  From February 28 – March 6, 2012, you should sign up to Do The KIND Thing.   Remember,  a simple act of kindness goes A LONG way!  This month’s mission includes Actresses and mothers, Tiffani Thiessen and Elisabeth Rohm,who are joining forces with KINDmovement.com and the non-profit organization Baby Buggy to give everyone the opportunity to help new parents facing poverty. As mothers, Tiffani and Elizabeth are joining forces to get the community involve in this challenge so that they can bring much needed improvements to the lives of other new mothers who wish to give a bright future to their babies – while making the world a little kinder in the process.

Starting today, February 28th, Tiffani and Elisabeth are challenging the community to Do the KIND Thing* and carry out the following act of kindness:  help a parent

Helping a parent could be very simple or complex, and if you don’t have a parent around, then help out your friend’s parent.  You could give them a call to ask if they needed anything at the store or hold the door open for them while they walk inside a restaurant.  My dad lives far away, but often needs help on the computer.  I can call him up and see if he needs help finding anything online today.

This may seem like a small act to you, but your parent will be thrilled to get that bit of extra attention from you.  Go ahead, sign up today and spread a little more kindness this week!

Just think, you’ll make someone’s day and at the same time you will be helping a family that needs help providing for their family at no expense to you, just your kindness.  Face it, today’s world can always use a little more kindness.  Get your children involved, let them see what you are doing.  Use this challenge to promote kindness and concern for others around your house this week.

If-and-only-if enough people pledge to carry out this act of kindness at www.KINDmovement.com, these celebrity moms, Baby Buggy and KIND will deliver diapers and other essential supplies to families at shelters in Los Angeles and New York City.

At the time of this post, 57.8% of the challenge goal has been met, please jump on board to help make this dream turn into a reality for the  poverty stricken parents that need help providing for their newborn babies!

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