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honey beesGrowing up, we used to visit my Grandpa or “Papa” who lived in Michigan.  He lived on the lake and also raised bees.  We would swim in the cold water, ride my mother’s old horse Sugarfoot and drive by his multiple bee hives.  I can remember watching him tend to his bees in his full “beekeeper’s suit.”  His honey was the best, because it was fresh and we could see the honeycomb inside the jar of honey!

I have always liked honey, but as a mom and the main honey eater in the house, I rarely buy it.  My honey always crystallizes on me and I end up throwing it away. It seems like a waste for me to buy a jar of honey for myself when it is going to go bad since I don’t use it quick enough.

Lately I have been asking readers a few questions so I can get to know everyone and someone suggested that I do a Tropical Traditions Organic Honey giveaway and here it is!  I have been reviewing the organic honey and love it!  I find myself searching for it every morning to use on toast.  I REALLY like it on warm tortillas, but my diet says I should use toast, while my belly says “Bring out the Tortillas!”

This review was an eye opener on organic products for me!  I have just now started trying organic products and when I received this honey, I didn’t know how I was going to scoop it out of the jar!  This sounds silly, but….. it was in solid form and like nothing I had ever seen before.  I called Tropical Traditions and was told that the organic honey needed to be brought down to room temperature since it could’ve been very cold throughout shipping.  They told me to fill a bowl with warm water and let the honey sit in the warm water for awhile.  They also told me to do this a few times and the honey would eventually have a consistency close to that of butter.

Once I got the honey to the proper temperature, I started using it…….multiple times a day!  I love it.  It is not messy since it doesn’t run like normal honey and it gets better with age, instead of expiring on me!  One thing, make sure your kids try it before they see it.  My boys are particular and when they saw it was hard and white, they didn’t want anything to do with it.  So, it’s just me and my honey again, but at least it won’t go bad!  Tropical Traditions has made an organic honey lover out of me.  Last night something fell out of the pantry and I was upset thinking I had lost my new jar of organic honey.  Thankfully it was just my light pancake syrup, but the lid broke off and syrup was everywhere, including all over my husband’s legs and feet!

If you should order from Tropical Tradtions by clicking on any of my links and have never ordered from Tropical Traditions in the past, you will receive a free book on Virgin Coconut Oil and I will receive a discount coupon for referring you.

Now, get in there and win yourself a jar of Tropical Traditions Organic Honey!

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  1. I would much rather shop online but sometimes I just feel the need to see or touch the product in person. If not for that I would shop online more often. 🙂

    1. I would love it if you could enter Amazon through Amazon pays me 4% of the purchases made from my site which allows me to spend more money on advertising / giveaways.
      Bobbie Anne

  2. I prefer to shop online except for clothing. Have to try on to be sure it fits and that I actually like it on ME.

      1. That’s ok! I hear you are suppose to eat raw honey every day. Long and short I was looking for raw honey for my husband online and that’s how I found your site. He takes a teaspoon everyday of raw honey. It’s suppose to be good for you! Hope I win the honey! lol

  3. Oops. You will have to delete my previous post. I definitely prefer to shop online unless it is for grocery shopping. I like a lot of the online deals that are offered. My favorite would probably be Amazon because you can buy almost anything on there.

    1. Amazon is great and they pay me 4% of all purchases that come in from my site. I use the extra money to advertise the blog and bring in larger giveaways. I have an Amazon search bar on the right and would LOVE for you to shop through it sometime.
      Have you shopped on BeeSavy yet? I just made my first purchase yesterday. They offer cashback and referral credits!
      Bobbie Anne

  4. I love to shop online, except for clothes and shoes. I love Amazon because they have just about everything, and good prices!

    1. Suzanne, Amazon pays me 4% for all purchases that come through my Amazon search bar on the right sidebar of my blog. I\’d love it if you would enter Amazon through BlogWithMom sometime. I use that extra money to advertise the blog so I can bring in larger giveaways.
      Also, have you shopped on BeeSavy yet, they have cashback and offer referral credits!
      Bobbie Anne

  5. It depends on what I am shopping for. If it is clothes, I prefer to shop at a store because I am a hard fit and I like to try things on before buying. I like shopping on line for books and music and that kind of thing.

    1. I would LOVE it if you could enter Amazon from right sidebar in the Amazon search box. Amazon gives me 4% off all purchases that come from my site. I could use that extra money to offer larger giveaways on the blog!
      Thank you,
      Bobbie Anne

  6. prefer online, and my current favorite is Amazon, as much for price comparisons as for actually buying.

    1. Me too, but at Christmas time that requires too much running so I try to buy all the kids games / toys online and watch for them to arrive on the porch so I can grab them before the kids see them.
      Bobbie Anne

  7. I prefer to shop in person for clothes & shoes and online for just about everything else. My favorite online is Amazon!

    1. Good luck Kelly, I would really appreciate it if you could enter Amazon through my site sometime. Amazon gives me 4% of any purchases made through my site. I\’d love to use that money to bring bigger giveaways to the blog.
      Thank you, Bobbie Anne

  8. I like to shop online for the most part. Amazon is my favorite because I mostly buy practical things. The places I like to shop at personally are places like college towns because there are usually interesting handmade things in small shops that you can’t find anywhere else.

  9. I like to shop online, where I can read other people’s reviews and opinions. Usually I hunt for an item on amazon and then buy it off ebay if it is available there.

  10. It depends on what I am shopping for. I love to shop online and in store. If it is something I need to see/try on to buy it, I love store shopping, but I also love Amazon for shopping when I know exactly what I need.

  11. I mostly prefer shopping online. You can find more Unique items especially for the holidays. I do allot of my organic free-range shopping online. I LOVE etsy…my favorite place t shop!!!

  12. I love shopping online and having things arrive at my front door! There are certain stores I do like to go to and look around but other than that convenience wins. As for a favorite online place to shop… It would be hard to pick just one, I have a ton of favorites.

    1. Shaina,
      I would be thrilled if you could enter Amazon through my site the next time you shop. They give me 4% commission on sales that come in from my site. I could use that money to advertise the blog so I could bring in more awesome giveaways.
      Bobbie Anne

  13. just a small side note, honey never goes bad. if it gets crystallized you can either throw it in the microwave and heat it until it dissolves or the warm water method works too.

    archaeologists have found jars of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs. it was still completely edible.

    hope this keeps anyone from ever wasting good honey 🙂

  14. I prefer in store shopping, b/c I like looking for clearance and markdown; but I find myself buying more online, esp natural/health products and cloth diapers. Mostly Amazon, Tropical Traditions, Puritan’s Pride for food and vitamins.

  15. I’m new to their products, but love the coconut oil. I just placed my third order, and I can say without doubt, they have the BEST customer service of any online company I have ever used.

  16. when honey turns white and thick, it’s crystalizing. Crystalized honey is perfectly good to use. There’s not a thing wrong with it. Don’t throw it away! You can warm and remelt it if you want to by putting the bottle in a pan of hot water. Do not microwave organic or raw honey — you’d be destroying some of it’s wonderful nutrients. Enjoy it!

    1. It just really depends on what I am buying. If I can save time shopping online for items that come with free shipping, that\’s what I prefer to do.
      Bobbie Anne

  17. I love to shop on-line. Amazon is my favorite. However, for some clothes I need to shop in person.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  18. I like to shop both in store and online..I am not sure which one I prefer! I love I also enjoy purchasing larger, heavier items online (that qualify for free shipping) so that I dont have to mess with bringing them home from the store 🙂 Lazy!

    1. Leslie,
      I\’d really appreciate if you could do some of your Amazon shopping by entering in through BlogWithMom Amazon search bar which is found on the right hand column of the blog. Amazon will pay me 4% of any purchases that come through my blog and I can use that to pay for the fees to bring in larger giveaways.
      Thank you,
      Bobbie Anne

  19. 91% Chocolate Lover

    I’ve always wanted to try raw honey, but it ends up being too expensive, and I buy other things that I think I’ll use more often.

    1. I agree, honey isn\’t used daily unless you are like me and love it on toast and especially warm tortillas! After my bag of tortillas is gone, I need to hold off on buying them for awhile. I think I ate three of them last night!!!
      Bobbie Anne

  20. Definitely online! I like amazon for general things, but I prefer small, privately owned shops/sites for specialty items, whenever possible.

    1. Great answer Corey, as long as those small shops don\’t force heavy shipping fees on me, then I\’m in! Amazon pays me 4% of all sales that run through my site. I\’d appreciate it if you would enter my site a few times when shopping Amazon through my right hand sidebar. That extra money can help me pay for the fees to bring in larger giveaways on the blog.
      Thank you,
      Bobbie Anne

  21. I prefer to shop online as I have small children. I really like Amazon. But I LOVE couponing so I can’t use them online. It’s a toss up. I find great deals both online and off.

  22. I love online. Amazon is good for mainstream items, but I prefer privately owned small business sites for specialty items.

  23. It depends on what I am buying if I don’t need it right away and it if free or reasonable shipping I will buy online I found I can find really great deals on hard to find items online without all the running around otherwise I like getting it in the stores.

  24. I prefer to shop online as it doesn’t matter what time it is. Also I don’t have to worry about my kids adding things to the cart 🙂 My favorite online shop is Amazon.

  25. Most of the time i browse online, then purchase it at store.


  26. Usually in person, but with things like this I like to shop online. Clothing and shoes in person, fresh food in person, too, but stuff like this I cannot find in stores here.

    I love Amazon.

  27. shirley pebbles

    I would prefer to shop online and my fav is Amazon.

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    twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
    google +/ shirley pebbles

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