Website Security Giveaway For Website Owners

My husband and I have 3 websites:, and  Last month ALL 3 of them were hit by a smart Hacker that redirected all our links on Facebook and Google +!  You never realize how much you depend on these Social Media sites until you no longer have control of them!

We ran a giveaway, which is now over, for a year’s worth of Safety / Protection from in order to show my gratitude to Thomas who spent numerous hours of his time to find and STOP these hackers!  They may have been smart, but not smart enough for him!  Be sure to enter this giveaway, because it is very important for all sites to be secure and protected.  Now that I have had this horrible experience with a hacker, I will continue to renew my website security services with for as long as I am managing an online site.

If you have noticed any redirecting of your links, be sure and give them a call and tell them you heard about them from me, Bobbie Anne at I want them to know that I am telling people that I am pleased with their services!

Odds are, you have the same problems that I was experiencing.  They are very busy, but will get back to you and seem to answer their phones mostly after 4 pm CST.  They are  hard workers and start anywhere from 3:30 a.m. and stop for the night at 8:30 a.m.  Their pricing is great ,Shhhh, but I believe they should have charged me more!  Good luck, in the meantime, be thinking about what you’d do if the Hackers found your backdoor.

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