Zeiss Offers Vision Educational Tools

I have worn glasses since I was in sixth grade.  As a child, it was my parent’s responsibility to make sure that I received routine eye checkups and took care of my eyes.  I didn’t mind wearing glasses since many of my friends wore them, but was eager to get contacts as I got older.  Contacts were harder to maintain and needed to be properly cleaned and handled.  As an adult, and mom, it is my responsibility to make sure that my family receives routine eye checks no matter what.  I believe that I should have gotten glasses at an earlier age, but I was not taken for routine eye checks as a child.  I was never taken to the eye doctor until I began telling my parents that I could see better when I slipped my mom’s glasses on than with my own eyes.  They believed that I was telling a story in order to get glasses like my friends, but when they took me to the eye doctor, they found out that my eyes were worse off than my mothers eyes who never went without her glasses.

My boys are 5 and 11.  The 11 year old has worn glasses for the last 3 years that he uses for school and homework time which keep him from getting headaches from straining his eyes.  The 5 year old gets routine eye checkups and has no problems.  I think it is very important to take care of your eyes, wouldn’t you hate to lose your vision over something you could have prevented?

Vision.zeiss.com offers a complete line of customized lenses, coatings and  diagnostic technology. Zeiss strives to improve its’ customers quality of life by offering the best experiences with eye wear as possible.  They have put together a set of Zeiss educational tools to provide you with information concerning your vision, lenses, how to select an eye doctor, questions you may want to ask at your eye appointment, and facts about age-related vision changes.  My eyes continued to get worse until I hit 21 years of age and thankfully they have remained the same ever since.  My sons eyes thankfully are not continuing to get any worse, but it is very important that I continue to check our eyes in order to stay on top of things.  Make sure you look through their tools, they offer lots of helpful information.

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