10 Tips on Preventing Break-Ins While on Vacation

This guest post was written to inform you of 10 tips that can help you prevent break-ins while you are on vacation.

Are you thinking of going out of town for the weekend? Are you worried that your house might be invaded? Just looking at your house, a burglar can judge if you are home or not, and if your house has something worthy of stealing.

Read these 10 tips to fend off any possible intrusions and protect you and your family from any potential loss.

  1.  Trim your Hedges: Don’t leave any room for the thief to hide.  Sure, your landscaping would look nicer with 5 feet trees, but you don’t want any potential hiding spaces, at least not directly adjacent to your home.
  2.  Give a Trusted Neighbor your Key:  Don’t leave your key under a doormat, which is the first place a burglar checks. Not even in a rock hide-a-key, as their shapes are not as inconspicuous as they seem.  Get to know your neighbors, and leave with them a spare key and have them take a look at your house every now and then.
  3. Hold your Mail at the Post Office: If you’re going out of town, you can request to have your mail held online.  If your mailbox is overflowing with mail, then a burglar will know you are out of town, and your house will be his first target.
  4.  Install a Security Camera System: Having security cameras, like those at 2MCCTV, always scares off burglars.  They know they will get caught on camera, and won’t want to risk that. You can place several cameras around the corners of your house, and setup your DVR to record when it senses movement.
  5.  Turn on the Lights: Plug your lights into timers, and set them to turn on for a few hours at night.
    The burglar will assume you are in the house when he sees lights flickering. If you have a two story house, close the blinds on the first floor and keep them open on the second and turn the lights on there. If you own a ranch, open the blinds partially and turn on the lights.
  6.  Secure your Windows and Doors:  Obviously, these are the only ways for a burglar to enter a house.  Lock your windows and secure your doors.  There are devices that can be put on windows to prevent them from opening all the way.
  7.  Install Double Key Deadbolts:  If your door has glass surrounding it, then this is what you want to get.  If the thief breaks the glass, they can easily unlock your door. However, if you have a double key deadbolt, you can lock the deadbolt from the inside with a key and put the key away.  The burglar would have no way of opening the door without a key.
  8. Don’t leave your Trash on the Curb: It’s tempting to leave the trash outside if you’re leaving a couple of days before it is scheduled for pick up.  But this is a sign for a burglar that tells him you’re not coming back before trash pickup.  Also if you have recently bought electronics, like a TV or computer, fold them and put them away.  You don’t want the burglar to know you have a new LCD TV in your living room up for grabs.
  9.  Install an Alarm System:  In the event that the burglar breaks in to your house, the alarm will be sounded and authorities will be notified.  Your DVR can be programmed to send you a text when an alarm goes off and even a picture of what caused the alarm.
  10.  Install Motion Sensors:  You can install this next to the camera. When the burglar passes by, the sensor will pick it up and turn on the lights. The burglar will run for cover, not wanting to be exposed, and hopefully stay away from your house.

This guest post was written by Raghad Rabah, from 2MCCTV, a CCTV equipment supplier in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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