BlogWithMom Review: Kidz Gear Headphones

I have been looking for the perfect, affordable headphones for my 5 year old.  He needs headphones for his iPad/portable dvd player, but doesn’t like to wear them. He will not wear the earphones that slip inside your ear and the flat circular ones that lay on your ear break too easy and never fit right.  I found and contacted them about their products and my concern with my 5 year old refusing to wear headphones.  They sent me their Kidz Gear Headphones to review and both boys love them! These headphones were designed for children 2 and up.   I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to compete with the noise from Monster Truck Jam You Tube Videos, and iPad games while trying to talk to my husband in the evenings.  I have tried the headphones myself and I can’t believe the sound quality that comes from these Kidz Gear headphones.  They are comfortable, have a nice appearance and have a volume control that my boys haven’t quite figured out yet.  The 5 year old is happy with the maximum volume, but my 11 year old is wondering why the headphones aren’t going any louder.  That tells me that he has been listening to his music WAY too loud because the volume of the Kidz Gear headphones is just right! also sells a great lined, draw string headphone case.  I love this because when the boys throw all their cords together, it takes forever getting everything untangled!  Now they both have their own headphones in their own bags with no cords to untangle before they can use them.  Now for my favorite Kidz Gear product – the headphone volume limit splitter!  This is nuts, I have searched Best Buy and a few other stores for a product like this in the past before going on a trip.  My kids watch movies and play games in the car while driving on vacation and it never fails, they each want to watch the same movie at the same time, but can only connect one set of headphones at a time.  I have even tried making the kids sit real close together and share one set of ear buds, but that doesn’t work!  I knew there had to be a product out there that made it possible for two people to listen to the same movie at once, but I couldn’t find it.  This splitter is amazing!  Both boys have more than enough “wiggle room” for each headset and can now share a movie without fighting for the headphones.

Kidz Gear also makes wireless car headphones for kids.  It can be used with any DVD system installed in a Ford, GM, Cadillac, Audi, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Dodge, Toyota, Lincoln, BMW, Acura, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Lexus Mitsubishi and Volvo.  This set is equipped with an automatic power off and automatic muting and uses AAA batteries.  These wireless headphones can also be used with any home TV or stereo sound system along with the Kidz Gear Wireless Transmitter which is sold separately.  Have you ever wanted to “mute” the Wiggles?

Kidz Gear products have made it possible for my family to sit in the same room and enjoy their own thing without arguing.  My husband can watch his news channel, and the boys can each play a game or watch the movie of their choice without begging Dad to turn the news off.  It is so nice to see everyone enjoying themselves in the evenings.  Without headphones, I believe it was a volume competition and the Monster Truck Jam You Tube Videos ALWAYS won, while drowning out the television or forcing us to raise the volume until it was loud enough in our living room to drive anyone nuts!  If something were to happen to my boys’ Kidz Gear Headphones today, I would definitely reorder ASAP!  I have looked a long time for the perfect headphone gear and thanks to I’ve found it!



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