$27 Cleopatra’s Choice Body Products Giveaway ENDED

Cleopatra’s Choice gave me the opportunity to review their 100% Pure African Shea Butter (yellow in color) and their Adovia Mineral Skin Care Dead Sea Mud Soap.  These were both products that I had never tried before, so I was excited to test them out.  The shea butter came in a one pound, clear tub, about the size of a small butter container. After using it, I realized that  a pound of shea butter is a LOT and would last you a LONG time!    The label said that it was 100% organic, deep absorbing, great for dry skin, minor burns, Eczema, doesn’t clog pores, contains Vitamins A & E, treats skin discolorations, stretch marks & blemishes, prevents wrinkles by moisturizing your skin and can be used a s lip balm.  I tested this product out and it does moisturize your skin.  I put it on after a shower and woke up the next day with soft skin.  Since it is organic, it is hard and you have to either break off a chunk and warm it inside your hands or rub hard on it before it rubs off on your hands so you can use it.  I called the company about this and they said it depends on the room temperature and easily melts or “loosens up” with your body temperature of your hands.  If you are looking for moisture, this is a great product, but it has a “natural” smell that I can’t get past.  A pound of shea butter is a LOT and would last you a LONG time!   There is a learning curve that comes along with using organic products and I’m open minded and learning more everyday.

Now for the Adovia dead sea mud soap – I liked it and use it every day in the shower.  It makes my skin have a “squeaky clean” feeling.  It came in a 4.4oz bar, about the size of a regular bar of soap and says it is great for all skin types.  I also use it to clean my face, but DON’T get it in your eyes because it will REALLY burn your eyes!  Trust me, I did this and will now be very careful when I use it around my eyes.  It burned so bad that I would never have my children use this soap.  This will not keep me from using it, it will just keep me “alert” while I am using it.  The soap packaging says it will cleanse away oil, bacteria and dirt particles to purify, detoxify and clean your skin.  Here’s the ingredients:  dead sea mud, palm kernel oil, dead sea salts, magnesium, sodium, potassium, demineralized water, and natural extract for fragrance.

Now that I’ve had the chance to try it, CleopatrasChoice wants to sponsor a giveaway for both of these products on the mom blog.  One US winner will win both the Pure African Shea Butter and the Adovia Mineral Skin Care!


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28 thoughts on “$27 Cleopatra’s Choice Body Products Giveaway ENDED”

  1. I don’t really use organic products on a regular basis. If something is on sale, I may buy it to try it.

  2. The only Organic products that I use are Seventh Generation for cleaning.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. We use and love the organic coconut shampoo and conditioner.Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  4. I have been buying lots of handmade soaps lately from people I have met on Facebook that have Etsy Stores or their own websites, would say I have over 60 in the last 2 months, am getting pretty obsessed with natural skincare products and want to try everything to compare the results! I am in the process of learning to make my own body products with organic coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, honey, essential oils, and whatever else I want to experiment with!
    I love everything organic! : )

    1. Courtney, That sounds great! I used to make and sell gel candles at craft shows and met a lady who made body butter in bars that was awesome, but I have moved and lost track of her. I\’d love to find her again so I could have a bar of her body butter!
      Bobbie Anne

  5. I don’t currently use many organic products, but I’m making an attempt to try and incorporate more organic items into my everyday life.

  6. I have tried and like brands like Jason and Kiss My Face and have come to love searching on Etsy for handmade bath, skin care and makeup products.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. Hi stopping by and entered this contest, thanks for your recent comment as well. I use several organic products, one being a non-chemical fertilizer, which my husband manufactures, (MicroSoil®)it is safe for people, pets and plants of all kinds, and grows wonderful (anything). I also like to buy organically grown chicken, tea, spices, breads and anything without the use of chemicals.

    You have an awesome blog with such a plethora of information, thank you, I’ll be back, Karren


  9. JR Pickett (Vicki Vix on r/c form)

    I don’t use as many organic products as I would like. But I do try to at least use all natural or organic skin products. My current favourite is Jason Hand and Body Lotion Cocoa Butter. I love the Kiss My Face Olive Oil soaps as well. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  10. Just dropping in to let you know I entered your giveaway on my RaffleCopter linky. It is featured on both my blog and at Boobies, Babies and a Blog

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