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I have an embroidery machine and used to personalize shirts, towels and pillowcases for my kids.  I used different fonts and embroidery designs that came with my machine to create fun designs for my boys.  I would have loved to embroider other designs, but I didn’t feel confident enough to try anything besides what came installed on my machine.  Since then, we have moved and my embroidery machine power cord is no where to be found, so my embroidery fun has been put on hold until I can hunt down my power cord.

Since I have realized that I’ve lost my cord, I’ve been looking at various embroidery sites and came across digistiches.com.  They have machine embroidery designs that would be perfect for me because they also have a tutorial section.  The tutorials are all free and cover various topics such as how to make a pony tail holder, a pacifier clip, ruffled burp cloth and a machine embroidery applique tutorial for me!  You can purchase and download their designs, but they also have a free section where I plan on starting out since I am still learning.

If you are interested in learning more about Digistitches, they have a newsletter that features coupon codes, offers and their latest products.  Their site also has lots of holiday ideas such as Saint Patrick’s Day “No Pinching” appliques and Easter “Egg Hunter” appliques.  I love the holiday items, but my favorite section was the “Mom Stuff” section.  I found an E Reader Case, an iPhone Case – I don’t have an iPhone, but I can still dream…LOL.  I also found a Sunglasses Case, Monogrammed Tags, Zipper Bags, and Corner Bookmarks.  I had so much fun on this site, that I guess it’s time I break down and look into ordering that power cord I’ve lost!

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