Boot Tray Giveaway: Every Home Needs One!

My family of four track in lots of dirt when coming in from the backyard.  Everyone “shucks” off their shoes when they come in through the backdoor which leaves a constant mini dirt “pit” at the backdoor.  I have tried several things to remedy this problem and have seen many people use large baskets to catch everyone’s shoes.  This would be great, except for when everyone’s shoes are muddy and laying on top of each other getting my basket all muddy too!

I found a boot tray on Plow & Hearth that I thought would be great for all our muddy shoes.  I never thought I’d like a long tray “living” in my kitchen floor, but now that I’ve tried it out, I’ll always keep one by the back door!  All of the mud and dirt falls into the tray and NOT on my floor.  It is so easy to move the shoes around and vacuum up the dirt.  This tray is long, but I had to make a rule that everyone only keeps one set of shoes there at a time because we had a huge tower of shoes when we first started using the boot tray.  The tray was filled with muddy shoes, school shoes, work shoes, flip flops and etc. and there is no room for a second boot tray to be placed next to my back door.  This boot tray is also very durable.  Not used to having the tray next to the back door, I have stepped on it, kicked it and it still looks as new as the day we first got it.

A friend saw my boot tray and said they had recently purchased one to keep their dog food and water dishes inside in order  to catch any spills while their dog ate.  This is a great idea.  What other things could you do with this catch-all tray?

Feeling lucky?  Plow & Hearth is sponsoring a boot tray giveaway to one US winner age 18 and up.  Get your entries in today!!!

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33 thoughts on “Boot Tray Giveaway: Every Home Needs One!”

  1. We put our shoes on a tray but people have stepped on it and the sides are broken, I definitely could use a new one

    1. You NEED a boot tray, my shoes went on the tile and onto the hardwood floors if I didn\’t get the kids to take them off at the door – what a mess!

  2. Inside the kitchen door…argh! … on a rug that gets filthy and requires weekly washing 🙁

  3. I have a mat by the front door for our shoes when we come in.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

      1. Oh I am sure it would help! haha…..cant get any worse that it is now! Can only get better! 🙂

        1. I know that feeling! When you get a boot tray, you\’ll just have a high pile of shoes instead of a big \”glob\” of shoes by the door! LOL

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