Giveaway: Win A Portable Primo Water Pump ENDED

Have you ever looked into buying water coolers and dispensers at  I noticed their water station at the grocery and went online to see what they offered.  You can buy home / office water dispensers, and even portable water dispensers that are small enough to take with you.  My grocery offers the Primo water jugs or large bottles in 3 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.  The larger size would be the way to go with the home dispenser, but I think I’d rather lug around the 3 gallon size when using the portable water dispenser.

When my children were babies, I used formula and we had a water dispenser in our home that looked just like  one of Primo’s portable dispensers and we had it sitting on a tall stand in our kitchen.  We would refill our 5 gallon water bottles at the store and use the water exclusively for making bottles for the baby.  Things have come a long way since 11 years ago when my first son was born.  Now they have bottom loading water dispensers that “hide” your water bottles and look much nicer in your home. Since you can’t see the water level on this upgraded version, Primo has placed a flashing light on this unit to tell you when to replace your water bottle.

Instead of my old “ceramic jug” dispenser, moms can now use water dispensers that have temperature controlled water for multiple uses!  You could have hot water to use in making oatmeal, hot chocolate or coffee.  Primo even had child safety on their mind when designing this one, there is a child safety latch on the hot water button.  You could also have room temperature for the baby bottles and cold water for making Kool-aide or when you need to cool off.  Primo even has a design that would make those stainless steel appliances or you could choose the same version in a solid black design.

As far as energy efficient products go, the bottom loader water dispenser is ENERGY STAR rated and uses 25% less energy than a traditional water dispenser.  If you are interested in the size of this dispenser, here are the measurements:  43.2″ (H) x 12.6″ (W) x 15.0″ (D)

If you plan on purchasing from Primo, be sure and use offer coupon code: BLOG2012 for 15% off your total Primo purchase.

Primo is giving away one of their portable Primo water pumps, along with a coupon for a free bottle of Primo water redeemable at a local store.  This pump would be great for your back porch on a hot summer day when the kids are outside playing.  Just label everyone’s cups and the kids will have a ball pumping out their own water.

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33 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win A Portable Primo Water Pump ENDED”

  1. Camping, camping, camping. And it would always be handy for home use. We store water for emergency use too.

    Thanks much for the opportunity to win this!

  2. This would be wonderful for when we lose power and water is not safe to drink or for when we go camping.

  3. kirsten klink rodrigue

    I would take this to work because down here in Louisiana it gets hot! I work in a coffee kiosk on the college campus

    1. Which college, I used to live in Bossier City, near Shreveport and it WAS hot. Now I live in Texas and it is STILL hot here! Nothing like a bike ride in the 105 degree Summer!

  4. I am so happy to be the winner! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway and for picking me as the winner!

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