Jenulence Mineral Makeup Review / Giveaway ENDED

I have been using Jenulence mineral makeup for over a week now and look forward to wearing my new sparkling blue mineral eyeshadow everyday!  I love it, just enough sparkles to spruce up your eyes without looking like you are headed to a party!  I also have been using Jenulence Mineral Foundation Powder and their Blush Mineral Makeup.

I am pleased with all three products and love the loose makeup.  This is the first “loose” eye shadow and blush that I have used before.  It allows me to get just the right amount on my brush before applying.  This makeup stays on which keeps me from reapplying my eyeshadow again at the end of the day.

I am always on the go and put most of my makeup on in the car.  I am used to dropping the loose foundation on my shirt, seat belt strap and my jeans while my husband is driving.  My old makeup would just brush off, but when I dropped my blush on my jeans, it needed to be washed off and didn’t just brush away.  I guess this is what I get for putting makeup on in the car instead of in front of the bathroom sink.  This won’t keep me from using this makeup, it will just keep me a little neater in my application.

You will love Jenulence’s tagline:  If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin!  Their products are non-toxic, synthetic free and natural.  They also advertised as:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sun Protection SPF 15
  • No Micronized Minerals
  • No Harmful Dyes or Talc
  • No Nano Particles
  • No Preservatives,
  • No Animal Testing


54 thoughts on “Jenulence Mineral Makeup Review / Giveaway ENDED”

  1. I usually don’t go back right away. Money dictates when I return to purchase.
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    Google+ name: lisa brown
    FB name: lisa brown

  2. Yes, I have went back to a few blogs where I entered and didn’t win to find more information about a product to purchase or to pass on information to a friend.

  3. I have gone back and made a couple of purchases since learning about all of these great products. I never knew most of them even existed.

    I follow you on Google + as Jen S.

  4. I have only purchased once from a website where they were doing a giveaway. They are usually expensive!

  5. When you enter a contest and don’t win, do you ever go back and purchase that product from the advertiser?


  6. Yes I have purchased items from companies in which I entered giveaways but did not win

  7. I usually don’t go back right away but keep it in my mind and might buy it later.

  8. I have never bought a product even when I don’t win their giveaway. It is mostly because of my finances.

  9. I’ve only begun entering giveaways, so I haven’t had the chance yet. But I have entered some great contests with wonderful products that I would definitely want to try!

  10. That’s the great thing about giveaways — you learn about new products. I haven’t yet bought one though…

    1. I love learning about new products and bought a few of them for Christmas gifts and my family loved them because they were so unique!
      Bobbie Anne

  11. Thanks for this review! I’m always looking for good mineral make up. If there’s a rep for the company- I’d love to sample some products.

    Charmed by Jewel Kade

    1. You\’ll need to contact the company through one of the links on my post. Make sure to use the coupon code when placing an order!
      Bobbie Anne

  12. Usually when I participate in a giveaway and I like a shop or an item, I purchase something on the spot, before the giveaway has ended.

    1. That is a great tactic, because it is very easy to lose track of that post if you wait until after the giveaway is over.
      Bobbie Anne

  13. Sometimes I go back and purchase the item. I really depends on what it is and how badly I want it.

  14. If I need the item and have the money to spend on it, then yes. Some items are fun items that I would love to own but I’m not in a position to splurge on myself right now.

  15. Yes, I have, several times. You find out about such great products this way and sometimes I just have to have them.


  16. I have. The furminator to be exact. I have also won some contests and bought the product again after I ran out of it.

  17. It depends on the product…I have gone back and bought soap/lotions from sweepstakes I have not won. Usually, if the products are really expensive, I don’t go back.

  18. If its something that i really like, i usually do 🙂


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