Giveaway: Unique Wooden Cross From ENDED

I am always on the lookout  for items that catch my eye that I could feature on my blog.  I have seen the most gorgeous, handmade crosses at the church bookstore and decided to contact  the company about sponsoring a giveaway.  Soon after sending an email, I found out that was located within 30 minutes of my home!  That called for a family field trip to meet James and see his artwork collection.

Check it out:






James had me pick out two crosses, one for myself and one to offer as a giveaway on BlogWithMom.  He also makes small crosses that are great for hanging on your Christmas tree or your door knobs.  He gave both of my sons one of these and they are using them on the outside of their bedroom doors.  I am giving away the tallest cross ($65 value) in the picture above and sending the shorter one ($50 value) to my friend who has just tragically lost a son, in hopes that it will put a smile on her face.

Each cross is signed and numbered by James, who lives in Conroe, Texas.  The blue lines that you see running through the crosses are made of turquoise dust that James places uniquely inside each one he makes.  Both of these crosses were carved out of spalted hackberry and are unique in size and shape.  A template is not used in designing his artwork.  He carves what he sees and is very good at what he does.  Since he lives so close, I plan on making future trips to his woodshop for more gifts.


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  1. Love these items and the texture of the woods. I particularly like the trays! Just lovely!

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