Review: iGuy iPad Cover For Kids

My sons are 5 and 11 and LOVE their iPads.  They tote them in and out of the car, and all over the house.  Both kids have the folding, book style covers, but the covers  do not stay on their iPads because my kids don’t like using them.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen their iPads dropped and even fall out of the car doors onto the ground!  Their iPads are way too expensive to get broken this way, so I have been on a search for the best kid-friendly, durable iPad case for my boys.

I came across the iGuy on  and thought it would be perfect for my boys.  It is made from thick durable foam and just looks fun!  I know that my boys will not continue to use any iPad cover that doesn’t “feel fun,” and I need to find one before they drop their iPads one too many times.

Now for the review….

My boys were both excited about the look, feel and new smell of the iGuy!  My eleven year old says it is a space saver for his desk since it can stand up, feels soft to the touch, can be easily cleaned and he loves its’ flexible arms.  I am afraid to ask him how he knows it can be easily cleaned…LOL

Now for the five year old’s review……You are going to love this:

After a few minutes with the iGuy, I hear the 5 year old say “Look, I don’t have to be careful with my iPad anymore!”  I turned and saw him grab iGuy by the arms, with his iPad inside,  and throw him up in the air.  He didn’t try to catch it, he was testing out its’ durability!  He did this a few times before I got to him and his iPad still works and never fell out of the iGuy through my son’s strategic test trials.  Thank goodness for the great iGuy design!

Now that the iGuy isn’t going on any more of my son’s durability trials, we’ve  been able to test out the everyday challenges of using an iPad cover.  Sometimes accessing your iPad connections is irritating with a cover, but  I can honestly say that we have been able to charge the iPad and also hook up earphones without needing to take the cover off.   If you’ve got young kids, make sure you consider this case before you buy one that your child may not like.  Cases are expensive, but much cheaper than a replacement iPad!  Just make sure that you buy the “perfect” one on your first attempt!

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