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 Shopping online for furniture definitely saves time.  I am very picky when it comes to buying an item that I will most likely keep for a few years.  My husband and I can spend all weekend going in and out of stores across town and still not buy anything because I can’t make up my mind or just haven’t found the “perfect” one.  Then we have to go back to the stores where I “might” want to get that item from, you get the picture.  I take pictures with my cell phone during these shopping trips which help me make my “final eliminations” before we return back to the “winning store” to buy the item.  Whew, makes me tired just thinking of it!
I have had my bedroom furniture for many years and it is definitely time for a new one. I love to browse sites looking for great ideas and found a UK Shop4furniture site with designer bedroom furniture.  I found a great bed frame that has drawers for storage underneath.  That looks like the bed for me!  I need more storage space for all my stuff.  My son has a Captains Bed that has drawers underneath that he uses instead of a dresser.  This makes more room for him and looks nice too!  You know kids, they want to put everything in their room:  large gaming chairs, desks, bean bags, train tables, etc.
When buying my furniture I try to go with the furniture packages rather than picking separate pieces and hoping they end up matching.  Unmatched furniture drives me nuts, especially when I was the one that picked it out!  Furniture packages usually come with a deal and I find that I save money by going this route if I truly need all the pieces that are offered in the package.  It is so much fun getting new furniture, but get what you REALLY like and don’t rush your purchase just to get something new.  I’ve done this too many times and then get irritated with myself down the road for “not holding out” for what I really wanted to find.
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4 thoughts on “Save Time, Shop Online”

  1. In the first paragraph of the article, I can totally picture my wife & I, window shopping all weekend, not able to amek up mind and taking pictures with cell phones. But once baby arrives, you don’t have that time and shopping online seems blessing.

    Dan George
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    1. Dan, YES, online shopping is a blessing with children, especially those who HATE to shop! I do most of my online shopping at Christmas when I would be buying the most items and fighting the most crowds!
      Bobbie Anne

  2. you right online shopping is a blessing 🙂
    Thanx for sharing such a helpful information, coz I was thinking about to change my living room furniture.

    Reen Sami

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