SpaceBag Space Saver Tote Giveaway ENDED

We’ve all seen the Space Saver Products advertise on television where you pack everything into a bag and use your vacuum to draw the air out in order “save space” in your closet.  I just received the Vacuum Seal Space Saver Tote to review.  It is jumbo size and said to be capable of holding 2 comforters – 4 pillows and 12 sweaters!  This bag, or box rather, is different from the space saver products I’ve seen advertised in the past.  It looks like a suitcase and even has the inside straps that a suit case has that hold down your clothing.  This tote is guaranteed to be airtight and watertight!  It measures 25.5 in. X 19.75 in X 10.5 in.  It has an inner bag that stands above the top of the tote for you to place your clothing in before you compress it.  It also comes with handles on each side to make it easier to tote around.

My closet has tons of labeled boxes on the top shelves.  Four of my boxes have baby clothing that I have saved from my children in hopes of making a quilt one day with all my favorite items from my boys, of whom are now 11 and 5.  I am going to use this new tote to store all my precious baby / maternity items until I am ready to start my project.  Since my youngest son is already 5, it could be awhile before the project gets started.

This tote is great for storing your items because it has a see-through window in case you forget what you stored in there.  You can learn more about their products on  You can also visit

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    1. Good luck Mari, I stored my winter coats and then had to pull them back out again! Hopefully I can seal them back up this week and not open them for awhile.
      Bobbie Anne

  1. when the seasons change I store my seasonal clothes so this is what I would store in this if I were to win it

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