Giveaway: Delicious Brownies At ENDED sent me a sample package of their brownie that were AMAZING.  There was peanut butter, fudge walnut, cheesecake, butterscotch blondie, belgian chocolate chunk and white chocolate macadamia nut blondie.   The brownies were individually wrapped and large in size.  I checked the serving size and one brownie equals 2 servings or in other words, “One big brownie for me!”  Unfortunately these brownies only lasted 2 days in my house.  These were the best fudge brownies I have ever eaten!  They were very moist and VERY good!   They would make a great gift for someone who needs the power of chocolate on their side.  Chocolate always makes me feel better, what about you?

Now for the giveaway, make sure you get in all the entries you can because you WANT to win these brownies.  Writing this post has made me WANT to order myself another pack of these.  I never expected these brownies to taste SO good!  Thank you!

Unfortunately, because Brownies are perishable goods, can only offer this promotion to readers in the lower 48 states. Please be prepared to respond quickly if you are chosen as the winner.  All winner’s info must be sent in to the advertiser ASAP!

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9 thoughts on “Giveaway: Delicious Brownies At ENDED”

    1. Good luck Diane, it looks like the entry form opened up for you. I think you were trying to enter while I was still getting the RC form set up. Way to go!
      Bobbie Anne

  1. I didn’t see where to sign up for your emails, so I added your feed to my Google Reader. I hope that is ok?

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