Guest Post: Space Age Hair Removal Finally Comes Home

Earlier I wrote about the benefits of home hair removal.  Here’s a guest post that should answer any of your questions.  Enjoy!

The battle with hair starts just after puberty for most women, along with a growing number of men.  It should be simple; all we require is a full head of hair and no unnecessary and unsightly extras elsewhere.  However, many of us face a lifelong battle against unwanted hair loss on the top and unwanted growth elsewhere on our bodies.  Whatever your gender, unwanted body hair can cause problems with self-image and self-esteem.  In extreme cases it can lead to serious problems and even in ‘average’ cases it can be a frustrating and time consuming battle.  There are a range of solutions, from the stone-age shaving to the space age laser treatments.  The good news is, these treatments are improving all the time.

Permanent Solutions

Laser hair treatment has been commercially available since the mid-1990s, having been previously tested rigorously by scientists and dermatologists.  Today, in addition to clinic based treatments, the latest improvements in the technology behind permanent hair removal have led to home based systems that can be safely used by just about anybody.  Laser hair removal systems are designed to target ‘melanin’ – the dark pigment that occurs in the  hair in order to disable the growth cells in the hair follicle.  Effective laser treatments require repeated courses, as hair grows in different stages and even in a small area of the body the hairs are in different stages of growth at the same time.  Laser hair removal is mainly suitable for those with lighter skin complexions and dark hair.  As it targets melanin – the dark pigment – it is not considered suitable for those with blonde, grey or red hair.  In addition as melanin is also the pigment responsible for darker browns or black skin it is, again, not suitable as a treatment.

The Who, the What and the Where

Those with dark hair and lighter skin colors can gain significant benefits from laser hair treatment – a course of several treatments can effectively inhibit the growth of hair and help to prevent regrowth on a permanent basis.  Home laser hair removal products have been a long time coming, but they are now available in the US and recently a leading brand has become available in the UK. TRIA Hair Removal Lasers have been available for some time in the US and has received extremely positive reviews from consumers and professional reviewers.

Hand Held Lasers

The TRIA product is a simple hand held laser device.  It looks a bit like your average hair dryer and is very competitively priced.  Traditional clinic based laser treatments can be costly and require lengthy courses over a period of many months.  The TRIA Laser also requires repeat treatments over a period of anything up to eight months, but this treatment can be completed in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  TRIA Beauty reviews all confirm the convenience of undertaking this course at home, with many users reporting that after following the recommended process their hair is gone for good – along with the stash of razors, depilatories and/or waxes.

Positive Feedback

Reviews all highlight a number of common factors that make the system so appealing.  In addition to removing the need for uncomfortable and time consuming shaving or waxing, they leave users free to wear what they want, when they want, without any worrying second thoughts about unsightly hair.  The cost of the system compared to a clinic based treatment is one feature that most users have also highlighted.  The TRIA Laser is affordable and costs less than some of the more basic courses of treatment.  Although top up treatments should become unnecessary, investing in a home laser product leaves you free to top up your treatment at any time with no additional costs.  It seems that finally it may be time for many of us to wave goodbye to that stone-age razor, at last!

Hair doesn’t always grow in the right places.  Many people, especially women, face a lifelong battle with their bodies which starts in puberty.  Today, modern laser treatments can help with permanent hair removal and, finally, they can be applied in the comfort and privacy of our own homes.

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