Guest Post: You HaveThe Right To Remain Silent

Have you gotten a speeding ticket lately?  Check out this guest post by Sean.

Good People Sometimes Make Mistakes

It is pretty common that at some point in your life, you will be questioned by the police for an infraction or criminal violation.  It could be for a traffic ticket, DUI/DWI, domestic disturbance, etc.  Have you ever wondered why police officers ask you how fast you were going after you are pulled over?  They have your speed on radar…so why do they need to ask you? It’s simple.  They want you to confess to speeding.

The same is true if they ask you a question such as, “How many drinks have you had tonight?”  Many people think that they can talk their way out of a DUI/DWI if they say that they have had one or two drinks.  In states such as Washington, you can be subject to DUI penalties even if you have only had one drink.

Bite your Tongue

The reality is that it is very unlikely that anything you have to say will help your cause.  In fact, any statements that you make will likely be used to build a case against you and weaken your defense.  You have the right to remain silent so you don’t incriminate yourself.  Exercise this right by politely letting the officer know that you wish to speak to an attorney.  This is your constitutional right and is in no way an admission of guilt.

Thanks for reading and be safe!


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