I’m Sold On Speck iPhone Cases

After reviewing Speck’s iGuy iPad cover for kids and a few of their iPhone cases, I am sold on their brand!  You should definitely check out their cases / covers.   They have products that fit the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macbook, Smartphone, eReader, Tablet, and more!  Check out the iPhone 4 cases they sent me to try out on my husband’s iPhone:

This case is called CandShell GRIP, which is a 2 in 1 hard and soft cover.  This is my husband’s FAVORITE!  The grips are all in the right places.  The cover is attractive and fits snug.

My husband chose this case to try out first and then didn’t want to give it up in order to test out the others!

It is slim fitting and doesn’t add any additional bulge to his pockets like his previous iPhone cover.

Here is my favorite, too bad I don’t have an iPhone!  It is the CandyShell CARD.  My husband thinks this one was designed for girls, so he didn’t want to use it.

Here it is from the back, isn’t it great?  It will hold up to 3 credit cards while covering your card # so no one can peek.  It is also a snug fit.  It was a little harder getting this one off the phone, but if I had it, I’d NEVER take it off, so no issue here!  How many times have you went somewhere and needed to carry cards, but didn’t want to bring your purse along?

The 3rd case pictured on the left in the picture above, is the CandyShell.  It is just like my husband’s top pick, except it doesn’t have the grip.  All three of these cases have two layers in one and were definitely made to fit my husband’s Iphone 4!  Seriously, check out speckproducts.com, their products have quality, protection and a great appearance.

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