iMetabolic iMeals Are Great ($80 Value Giveaway) US ENDED

Check out this video, iMetabolic has got me figured out!  Holiday weight gain is my #1 problem.  Just think, every holiday comes with a different type of treat. Take Easter, how much candy did you eat, just preparing for it?  How much candy did you eat with your children on Easter morning?  How much candy did you eat afterwards when the Easter candy was 75% off at the store?

Have you ever heard of  iMetabolic?  They offer weight loss solutions and sell meals, protein bars, snacks, vitamins, supplements & more on their online store.  They saw a few of my weight  loss posts and contacted me about trying some of their meals.  I love trying new “healthy meals”  that “fit” into my Weight Watchers lifestyle and quickly chose Chicken Ravioli, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Pasta, and Turkey Chili. I was curious as to how they would ship these meals to me since I currently buy all my weight conscious meals from the freezer section at the grocery.  I couldn’t help but wonder, “What if I weren’t at home when they were delivered, would they spoil quickly?”  To my surprise, I didn’t find a cooler full of dry ice and meals on the front porch, but instead found a cardboard box inside my mail box that contained my iMetabolic meals!  I opened the box and found meals that could be placed in the pantry until you opened them.  I couldn’t believe it, there was no need for me to refrigerate or freeze these meals.  The box did say to refrigerate the left overs, but these meals were too good and properly portioned out, so no need for me to ever need to worry about that.

I wish I would have know about these meals earlier.  So many times I have went on vacation and bought frozen meals for myself to eat while away from home.  I had to worry about having enough freezer space where we were staying or finding a store since I couldn’t easily travel with frozen meals.  Just yesterday I was running out the door in a hurry and didn’t have the time to pack myself a cooler for lunch.  I was going to be gone all afternoon with access to a microwave, but without access to a fridge, so I had to grab a pack of crackers and cheese  instead.  It would be worth it for me to keep a few of these meals on hand to use when needing a meal on the go as long as I would have access to the microwave.  The only problem I see, is that the meals taste so good that I  may not be able to keep a few around for when I really needed them.

I was also sent samples of their Chocolate Decadence and Vanilla Bean Perfect Meal Replacement powder. I have tried various protein powders in the past and prefer the vanilla ones since I like to add in my own fruit.  Since I was so impressed with their meals, I browsed their store and think I would also like to try their protein bars and chicken jerky.

iMetabolic will be giving away two iMeals and a tub of Perfect Meal Replacement Powder (either Chocolate Decadence or Vanilla Bean).  The winner will choose their two iMeals from Chicken Ravioli, Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Pasta, or Turkey Chili.

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