James DeWitt Memorial Fund: How You Can Help

No one wants to live to see their children pass.  That’s just not the way it is supposed to be.  Parents should pass first leaving behind their children to finish out their lives.  Losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.  We all know or expect to lose our parents one day, but do we think about losing our children?  Jayedee of  LifeInTheLostWorld and her family are undoubtedly lost right now with the tragic death of their son this past week.  He was shot and left behind two children who love him dearly.  This family needs our help, through prayers and support.  They have set up a memorial fund for their son, James DeWitt.  You can find out more at:  http://jamesdewittmemorial.com/james-dewitt-memorial-fund/

I am helping this family by holding a Scentsy fundrasier for James Dewitt’s Memorial Fund.  Go to http://BlogWithMom.Scentsy.US  Make sure your shop “James DeWitt Memorial Fundraiser” and 20% of your purchases will go to the DeWitt family to help out with the funeral expenses.  The DeWitt family greatly appreciates your help!  If you can’t afford to help out right now, we understand, but ask that you help us share this with your friends.  As always, a little act of kindness goes a LONG way!

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    1. I am trying Melissa, I hope the family raises some money. Funerals are SO expensive and this was a complete shock for the family! I value Jayedee\’s friendship and I truly hate this for her family!
      Bobbie Anne

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