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I taught school during my first pregnancy and couldn’t wait until break time so I could talk about my baby plans with the other teachers.  They had all sorts of stories for me, some of which scared the pants off me, while others calmed my nerves.   They suggested items I needed to have handy in my hospital bag, items I should ask for on my baby registry and how to prepare my two dogs for a new baby.  I loved these talks, but they seemed too few and far between.  In the meantime, I would read my pregnancy books and look up my week to week pregnancy info online.  This was almost 12 years ago and I didn’t “live” online like I do now.  I didn’t have any idea what a forum was or how to go about finding one.  Last week I  was introduced to, or Pregnancy Forums USA.  If I would have had access to this site 12 years ago, I would have been a Pregnancy Group Junkie!

They have forums on everything pregnancy related from trying to conceive, to pregnancy groups listed by state.  Go ahead, browse the threads, but if you want to interact or post your own thread, you’ll have to sign up for your free account.  This would be great for those nights when you can’t get comfortable enough to fall asleep.  I had times during my pregnancies where I wish I could have found another woman to talk to, especially one that was having the same issues.  Nothing is better than being able to share experiences with other women who are in similar situations, even if it is to simply swap your favorite night time treat recipes!  I liked to get up in the night and eat ice cream, how about you?

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