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My family loves spending time in the backyard and especially eating meals on the patio table.  My husband likes to grill in the evenings, and my kids and I enjoy many Summer lunches/snacks on our patio table.  Summer is almost here and it is time to spruce up the back yard with a new patio umbrella for our table.

Above is a picture of my umbrella that I’ve used for the past two Summers.  It’s still holding up, but time for a patio makeover!

I usually buy my patio umbrella from a local retailer, but this year I was given the opportunity to select a patio umbrella from  The ordering process was simple and I received my Auto-Tilt Suncrylic Patio Umbrella very quickly.

The inside frame is sturdy and appears to be very durable.  The umbrella was slightly bigger than my former patio umbrella, so it will provide more shade for our picnics in the Texas sun.

Unfortunately, this is my five year old’s favorite part of the umbrella!  When you continue to crank the umbrella past the point where it is completely open, it will automatically tilt.  This is a great feature since it is very easy to crank the umbrella, but my son is cranking it every time I turn around!  He is not going to break it by over cranking it, but he says he is just “adjusting” it so the sun will not be in anyone’s face – yeah, right.

My kids are so excited about this new umbrella, that they have been doing their homework on the patio table while eating their after school snacks.  I hadn’t planned on replacing the patio chair cushions just yet, but since they are spending so much time at the patio table, I guess it is time to start finding cushions that will fit my chairs since I have already thrown the old ones out.

When the umbrella is not in use, you can close it up with a built in tie.  I know you aren’t supposed to leave your umbrella open 100% of the time, but there hasn’t been any windy days lately and the umbrella looks so nice, that you’ll rarely see it closed like this at my house.

Thanks PatioShoppers, you’ve made me realize that I don’t have to shop locally, running from store to store in order to find quality items for my patio.  I’ll definitely shop your site again!

17 thoughts on “Shop PatioShoppers For Great Patio Items”

  1. I really love that umbrella, too cool. I know my kids would love to crank it too, lol.

    1. My 6 yr old has finally stopped “cranking,” but I was afraid he was going to break it because he was cranking everytime I turned around:)

  2. You do have such a lovely patio! I’m guilty of ”overcranking’ it too sometimes 🙂 This would be soo nice for my Mom’s’d perfect!

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