Stay Safe, Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Have you watched the news lately?  It’s nuts how many bad things are happening all around us.  Two days ago a lady was shot in my area after leaving a pediatric appointment for her 3 day old baby.  She was killed by a lady who had suffered a miscarriage and was at the pediatric office parking lot to find herself another baby.  The killer was caught and the baby was returned to its’ family, but 4 childre, a husband, family and friends lost someone very special to them all in one afternoon.  You can read about that story HERE.

Do you think about the possibility of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Do thoughts of being shot ever run through your head?

A few weeks ago I was inside the bank.  I was busy, on the phone and talking with the teller about my transaction and the bank was robbed!  The robber had gotten in, robbed the bank, gotten out and I hadn’t even seen him.  I’m so glad I didn’t see the robbery!  I was in a very dangerous situation and didn’t even know it.  The bank was put on a “lock down” where I was told about the robbery.  Now, I am a drive-in only banking customer and if I have to go inside the bank, I will NEVER take my kids in with me.

Now, do me a favor, be aware of your surroundings and the people around you.  Is someone following you in the parking lot?  Did you think you locked your house up, but it wasn’t locked when you got home?

I’m sure you’ve talked to your children about safety, but it never hurts to talk about it again.  If they are ever in a dangerous situation, your “safety talk” could save their lives!

6 thoughts on “Stay Safe, Be Aware Of Your Surroundings”

  1. I’m not sure if the world is becoming less safe, but as someone that travels a lot I would argue that it is. I was recently in Amsterdam, and that city has gone downhill in certain areas. It’s much less safe than it was before, but I cannot put my finger on what has changed.

    Certainly there’s more crime, more people trying to mess with you, but still, it seems that this economic turmoil has made the whole world a little less safe than it once was.

    1. It\’s a shame that such bad things happen. We just have to make it a point to be aware of our surroundings and not get so comfortable that we stop paying attention to what is happening around us. Be careful on your trips and thanks again for your comment!
      Bobbie Anne

  2. This is SUPER important information. Incidents where crazies camp out waiting for babies…..I don’t think there was any way for that poor mommy to avoid that situation…she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It would be nice for the husband to go with us at all times but just impossible.

    I’m from the country so I’m a bit paranoid about city life but it’s better to be aware of your surroundings and carry some pepper spray or something!

    1. You are right, this was unavoidable. Don\’t think you\’re paranoid, you are careful and always thinking. I grew up in the country, but live in town and am always on guard. My friends think I am nuts and over cautious because they feel safe and comfortable. They are texting and on the phone in parking garages, while I am busy scanning the garage and looking in between and under cars, walking quickly to my car. Once there, I jump in and lock my doors before putting keys in the ignition or getting situated.
      Stay safe,
      Bobbie Anne

  3. This is exactly why I don’t go out after dark, or alone.My husband works nights and it scares me to death. I recently had someone looking at me through our window a couple nights ago. I immediately called 911 and thankfully a sheriff & a cop came by. I now have my windows covered to where no one can look in and they’re going to patrol our house extra.

    1. Desiree,
      That is scary! Make sure all your windows are locked, but I\’m sure you already checked that. Now I\’m going to check all my window locks too! It\’s a shame it has to be this way. I valet parked today at my dr.\’s appt. because the parking garage makes me way too nervous now that I am on crutches!
      Stay safe,
      Bobbie Anne

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