Tips For Organizing A Baby Nursery

Enjoy the following guest post by Maria Holt:

The arrival of a new baby means it’s time to think about organizing a nursery. The single most effective thing you can do is start planning early! After making sure the room is safe for your new arrival,  the nursery must be thoroughly cleaned and properly organized. It’s simply planning what you (and the baby) need, given your available space.

Here are helpful tips for getting the most out of organizing your nursery:

The first thing to focus on is maximizing the available space. For example, does baby’s nursery room have a closet? If so, there are a variety of closet organizers designed just for nurseries. If you want to save money, try instead three or four medium sized or large plastic containers with sliding drawers. These can be stacked two or three high and allow much more storage capacity than otherwise. It is always a good organizational strategy to label your containers, spare clothes would require ages, toys into categories, spare items such as nappies etc, books and sheets/blankets. A medium sized container is also perfect under a crib, saving room and getting rid of clutter – one can put nappies in one of the containers instead of having them lying around. Also, keep extra blankets under the crib to save space and have an organized nursery.

You should have an area of the room devoted to changing your baby. There should be a changing station caddy and essentials such as wipes and powder immediately accessible from the station. To really save space and be organized, considering a changing station with storage drawers. Another space saving option is to convert a standard chest into a changing station. This can be as easy as setting up your changing station on top of the chest of drawers, but will save space and keep your nursery organized.

A big organizational concern when planning a nursery is dealing with toys. There will be the initial toys, but over time toys accumulate when people buy presents for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions and can eventually be serious clutter, plan for this early. Have an area of the room devoted to toys. A large toy chest helps organization by avoiding having many toys cluttering up your nursery. If a large toy chest is not available, again consider plastic containers. These are a real space saver but once it is full you must sort this area. Any broken or damaged toys must be disposed of or donated to charity. As baby gets older, it is also nice to donate older toys to a local playgroup or charity shop. This helps others and also helps to keep the nursery organized by not cluttering it with old toys baby no longer plays with.

Another sometimes unforeseen area of clutter is books, getting a book rack or some kind of unit especially for book can help keep your nursery clutter free. Something low level will be within reach once baby starts moving around, and as they get older keeping them accessible can get your child into reading, which is a great thing for them developmentally. However, not all items should be kept at a low level anything that needs supervision or has cost lots of money or could cause damage to your home should be kept higher up on a shelving unit or in plastic boxes stacked.

In conclusion, there are many simple ways of saving space and organizing a nursery. Start planning as early as possible, use your second trimester to get your nursery straightened out as the third trimester can be too late and you may feel too tired. Maximize the available space, especially closets. Have a special area just for changing and a special area just to keep toys. Finally, use plastic containers to maximize space and sort them regularly to keep your nursery feeling fresh and organized.

Author Bio:
Maria Holt is semi-retired, administrative specialist who works part time for Ultrasound but has years of experience working with pregnant women and helping them through what can be difficult and stressful time. Helping parents with a baby on the way can mean anything from a friendly ear and a cup of tea to breastfeeding or birthing advice. Being apart of the Ultrasound Direct Team has meant Maria has watched the development of 3D and 4d technology and has seen hoe it can help people make the transition from a couple or person into a parent as building a connecting with your child before he or she is born is a very important part of building the love and bond between parent and child.

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