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When I first started blogging, I met a few mom bloggers and was trying to find out how I would make “BlogWithMom” visible online.  One mom blogger told me that she visited forums and posted something everyday pertaining to her site in hopes of drawing in new readers.   I looked for forums, signed up and never “hit” the right ones.  The groups I found never seemed to be interested in chatting on the topics that I was looking for in hopes of promoting my blog.  I played with this for awhile before deciding to move away from my new found forums.  My blog was a mom blog and I needed to find moms that would be interested in my topics.

From this point, I started listing my blog in numerous directories and then moved on to guest posting.  I love chatting in Facebook groups and decided to go the “forum route” again and found the perfect mom forum, which was exactly what I had been looking for in the beginning.  This forum discusses topics that pertain to my blog such as home improvement, food, cooking, health and fitness, community chit-chat and parenting discussions.  You can also find threads on pregnancy topics and threads for new moms. shows the number of threads, posts, the date and time of the last post per topic.  I signed up today and introduced myself through the community introduction section.  If you should decide to check it out, you can find me under “Bobbie from BlogWithMom.”

This forum also looks like a great place to “show off” your home based business.  I made sure to list my Scentsy site in my intro as well as the fact that I had a review/giveaway mom blog.  Hopefully I’ll draw in more readers from MomForum.  If now, I know I’m sure to make a few new friends along the way!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I will go and try sometime. I visited the site and it looks really enticing. I don’t have a Facebook page yet for my business but I am planning to have one. And yes, making friends along the way is a very great benefit!

    1. I have already had two women write on my intro thread just in the first day of my joining the forum. This looks like it could be promising. I invited them to join in on my giveaways. That could be two more followers!
      Good luck,
      Bobbie Anne

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