Weight Watchers Round 2, Knee Surgery On The Way

I was doing great on Weight Watchers when I had a goal.  My goal was to lose weight before an upcoming Christmas party in 2011.  Once I hit my goal, I started falling off the wagon and indulging in my favorite treats a little too much!  Before I knew it, Valentines Day was here, so had to enjoy the chocolates!  Next came Easter, which always drags on awhile since the Easter Bunny is always very generous at my house!

Anyways, my knee swelled up one weekend and before you knew it, I was having arthroscopic knee surgery which happened last Friday.   Now I am showing off a new pair of crutches and waiting for my next surgery to fix my torn ACL and floating knee cap.  Now I know that I have to watch my intake again because recovery and rehabilitation will be much easier for me if I can shed theses extra pounds!  You’re going to love what I did this weekend:  In order to get this eating out of my system, I made a trip to the grocery for one last taste of all my favorites.

Friday and Saturday I finished off the box of mini cherry pies,  and ate more left over Easter candy.  Sunday I ate more candy and made strawberry shortcake served with ice cream. Sunday night I ate pizza rolls with the kids and my last bowl of Strawberry shortcake and ice cream at 10:30 pm!

So far, so good for today, but the first two weeks are always the hardest.  Once you’ve started eating large quantities of food, it’s hard to slow your food intake back down.  I’ll keep you updated on my weekly progress because it helps me lose weight when I know that someone is watching my progress.  If you’re interested in checking out weight watchers, you can find weight watchers tools on the right hand sidebar.

See ya here next week!

Bobbie Anne

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