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The next time you leave the house, check your neighbors front doors.  How many Summer Door Wreaths do you see?  During the holidays, I bet you see plenty wreaths, but on a normal day you don’t see very many.  I don’t know about you, but after the holidays, my front door looks bare when I have to take down my Christmas wreath.  I was offered a wreath from ……….. in exchange for a review and giveaway and I LOVE it!  I requested to receive the wreath early so I could test out it’s durability and it looks just a great after a month on my front door as it did when I first opened the box!

I am impressed and expect this wreath to last a long time.  I catch myself glancing at my gorgeous front door every time I pull into the driveway.  If  it looks great to me, I’m sure the neighbors are admiring it too!  My 5 yr old even commented on it the same day as I hung it on the front door.

Watch it, once you get one of these wreaths you’ll be hooked, I am!  Make sure to browse their website, they have  MANY great wreaths to offer.  It took me a long time to choose the one that I wanted, but I finally chose the Billowey And Willowy Summer Silk Vine Wreath.  When making my selection, I measured my door to make sure that it wouldn’t be too big and chose from the 18 ” wreaths. is kindly sponsoring a Billowey and Willowy Summer Silk Vine Wreath Giveaway where the winner will win the same wreath as I chose for my front door.  Multiple entries are offered for daily tweets, so bookmark this giveaway and come back for your daily tweet entries.  Good luck, you’ll love this wreath!

Thank you WreathsForDoor,

Bobbie Anne

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76 thoughts on “Awesome Wreath Giveaway From ENDED”

  1. Mary Beth Elderton

    I haven’t been doing a wreath recently, but I like to change with the seasons and include the holidays.

  2. Leslie Galloway

    I’ve just started using wreaths. I have a general one to use between holidays, but a special one for Christmas, Easter, and Fall. 🙂

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

    1. Go Cheryl! You\’ll love this one. Do you ever buy any of your wreaths online or locally? This was my first online wreath purchase and I\’m quite pleased!
      Bobbie Anne

  3. Mechele Johnson

    We usually hang a wreath at Christmas, but I would love a beautiful summery one!

  4. I hang a different wreath on my door about 5 times a year. I have one for every season and a special real one at Christmas.

    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline

    1. Wow, I\’d love to see all your wreaths! Good luck on your entries, you\’ll love this wreath. It will look great in your wreath collection!
      Bobbie Anne

  5. I always do one at Christmas too but I agree… I may start doing them year round!

    1. Good for you Penny, You had me beat. I have one large wreath that goes up for Christmas. I had always thought about keeping it out and changing it for Mardis Gras, but never did. Now, I love my new wreath and will keep it up until it is time to change it out for another holiday.
      Bobbie Anne

    1. That\’s great to hear, I love to see wreaths up year round. It adds a \”smile\” to your front door and those who come for a visit.
      Good luck,
      Bobbie Anne

  6. I have one that I use for x-mas & V-day it’s red bells. I change the bow on it.

  7. jennifer miescher

    I hang a xmas wreath but have other door hangers though not wreaths for other seasons

  8. I only hang wreaths at Christmas time, but that’s because I only have Christmas Wreaths! If I had wreaths decorated for other seasons or holidays, I’d hang ’em!

  9. So far I’ve only hung one up for Christmas seasons but I love the idea of hanging one on other times too. I’m landscaped-challenged so maybe a pretty wreath would help up distract from my not-so-pretty yard!

    1. \”Landscape Challenged\” – I love that! A nice wreath would draw attention to your door and not your flower beds. It was so dry here last year, lots of plants just didn\’t make it. I used to plant all sorts of flowers in my flower beds but since last year, I haven\’t planted any new ones this year, but would love some pink and white begonias in my front flower bed!
      Bobbie Anne

  10. We hang various ones throughout the year. I have a couple different holiday themed ones.

  11. Paul T / Pauline T

    year round celebrating every holiday that comes along – emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  12. I always have something on my door, I would say about 50% of the time it is a wreath.

  13. Michelle Tucker

    Usually just in the winter, but I would hang one if I had one for the other seasons.

    1. Yes, I agree, they are fun if you have one for the right time of year. You\’ll like this one, it will work for you throughout the Summer.

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