BlogWithMom’s Weight Watchers Journey

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was fired up and ready to shed a few pounds with Weight Watchers since knee surgery was coming.

When talking to my orthopedic surgeon about this idea, he said NO.  Since my bones will need to heal, he doesn’t want me to make any drastic changes to my diet right now.  So my Weight Watchers weekly count down is going to have to be put off for awhile, but I wanted to tell you that in the week I had before my surgery, I managed to get 4 pounds off.

Now that surgery is over, my whole leg is swollen.  I am sure the swelling has added to my weight, along with the bandages and brace that I am now wearing, so I think I’ll watch my food intake and stay off the scales for awhile!   Knee surgery has also put a damper on my exercising plans.  I spend most of my day on the couch or in the recliner when not venturing around the first floor on my new walker with its’ cool front wheels and tennis balls on the back legs!

Here’s a great low fat cool whip fruit salad you may want to try if you are a cool whip fan.  Also, iMetabolic is sponsoring a great healthy iMeal / Food Replacement Powder giveaway through 5/15/2012.

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