Cost-Effective Home Security Measures for Mom

GUEST POST:  Cost-Effective Home Security Measures for Mom by Madison Parker

As a mom, your number one priority is keeping your kids safe, healthy, and happy.  A good part of that has to do with loving, nurturing, and educating your children.  Much of it; however, has to do with the external controls you add to your life and your lifestyle.

When it comes to home security, it all starts with education. Talking with your kids about a home emergency plan, about the dangers of strangers, and all that it implies is essential to keeping them safe.

Yet, you also need to put some measures into place to keep out intruders, and keep an eye on your kids so you know they’re safe.

Here are a few cost-effective home security measures you should consider in order to protect your family and have a safe home life:

  • Deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are one of the best security devices available. They prevent most crimes of opportunity simply by creating a difficult barrier that the criminal has to overcome in order to get into your home. They’re relatively easy to install, and not terribly expensive. You can get a good deadbolt lock for less than $40, and you’ll need one for each external door.
  • Door and window alarms. You can go extremely cheap on these if you need to; many dollar stores carry door and window alarms. With this type of alarm you need to be sure to arm them each night and disarm them each morning, and you also need to talk to your neighbors about what to do if they hear one of the alarms go off. For an investment of less than $500 or so, you can have an integrated system that will turn on and off at appropriate times.
  • Security cameras. Today, home security cameras have become very inexpensive. These cameras serve a number of purposes. First, they will help deter crimes of opportunity, as most burglars won’t enter a home if they think they’re being recorded. Beyond that, however, you can use these cameras to check in on your children. Some have a built-in wireless web server capability where you can log in remotely (such as from your work computer or even your smartphone) and see what’s going on. There are all sorts of options here, including some that interface with your home computer and others that work as standalone devices.
  • Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch groups have been proven to reduce home invasions in a community. Even with the rare incidents of where something goes wrong with a neighborhood watch, these programs when followed properly are a great way to help your neighbors, and to have them looking out for you, as well. If your neighborhood doesn’t already have a watch program, you can talk to your local law enforcement agency about getting one started.

Protecting your home and your family is important, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Focus on some of these highly effective and cost-effective home security measures, and you’ll prevent the vast majority of potential home invasions.

Madison Parker is a security expert whose passion for safety has led to the creation of her home security blog. 

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  1. As a new mom myself, I’ve found increasing security in my home is even more important. Seems I am constantly locking doors, and peeking out windows now. LOL

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