Ever Heard Of Skincerity Skincare?

I have recently met Jody Stewart-Regner through Facebook and found out that she lives in my area.  She has been checking out my website and happened to see my post entitled:  Do You Have Skin Problems And No Cure?  She sells a nightly masque called Skincerity that is said to clean, rejuvenate, exfoliate, amplify and moisturize your skin.

Here’s her Facebook page if you’d like to learn more about her product:  www.facebook.com/theskinceritymiracle.  She also has a website where you can view before and after photos at  www.mynucerity.com/tx77380.

I started using Skincerity yesterday, 5/18/12 and will be writing a review after I’ve had time to use the entire bottle.  I am trying it out on Eczema and will also be using it on my new scar from my knee surgery after the scar has had more time to “close up” after surgery.

Until my review, direct any questions to Jody through her Facebook wall.


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